Maybelline 'The Nudes' & 'The Blushed Nudes' Swatches + Review

The nudes are my go to palettes. Great for everyday eye look. I always find my self buying them the most. Today I want to show you my two Maybelline palettes The Nudes and The Blushed Nudes.

The Nudes ~ I bought it at Rite Aid few months back. I got it on 40% off sale. The regular price is $10.99 or $12.99. Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brands. I was excited to hear they were coming out with a palette! Like an actual palette that have more then 4 shades in it! I had to wait a while. Most of the girls on instagram already had it, and I could not wait to get my own. Finally after months of waiting I bought it.
First off I have never try Maybelline eye shadows so I didn’t know what to expect.
But hey! It’s Maybelline and it can’t be bad. I have never had any problems with the brand. So far every product I tried, I liked it. Now back to the palette.
It contains 12 shades: nudes, bronze and taupes. Some are more pigmented then others.
As you can see looking at the swatches the matte shades are not pigmented. The shimmers on the other hand yes.  The mattes are workable; you can build it up to achieve the look you desire. I have not yet used all the shades in the palette. There are only 4-5 I used constantly.
The back of the palette breaks down “look” into quads, trios and duos. A little cheat sheet that comes pretty handy.
Overall this palette is good.  If you like softer, kind off ‘no makeup’ looks then this palette might be for you. Me, I prefer bolder and much more pigmented shadows.
Also I don’t think it’s worth the money it cost. If you really want it, get it on sale. Don’t pay regular price for it. Hope the quality improves in the future.

The Blushes Nudes ~ Maybelline newest baby. Available at Wal-Mart for $9.99. When I first saw the picture of this palette I knew I need to have it.  
Palette comes in the same packaging as the original ‘The Nudes’ palette. But instead of black this one is washed rose golden. Again we have 12 shades: rosy, pinks and mauve taupes. The shadows are a bit dry but workable. Most of the shadows are shimmery, so if you don't like the shimmers , well this palette might not be for you. The pigmentation is a bit better then ‘The Nudes’ palette, but still they are a bit chalky. The only one matte shade in this palette have a lack of pigmentation. The rest like I said before is workable. A lot of people compare this palette to Urban Decay Naked 3. I don’t own Naked 3. As reading other blogs I say that the colors are similar to UD palette, but they are not a dead-on dupe. Plus the UD palettes have a better pigmentation, hence the price difference.

I do like this palette better then ‘The Nudes. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and rosy shimmery shades.  Plus I like it more , because it was my Mother's Day gift from my daughter :)

Top Row

Bottom Row

I would not wear it without the primer. I used primer and no primer with them. Without the shadows fade and crease fast. With primer they do last a bit longer.
Overall they are nice palettes.
do you own them? What do you think ? 


  1. Cienie wyglądają pięknie, bardzo chętnie zobaczyłabym jakiś makijaż z nimi w roli głównej :):)

  2. Obie paletki świetne, akurat moja kolorystyka

  3. Nie wiem, na którą bym się zdecydowała, bo obie są piękne! :)

  4. Tak podkład dużo daje ale jeszcze więcej przypudrowanie dyplom pudrem lub baza pod cienie :)

  5. I don't know a ton about make-up, but I really and especially loved the photos where you put the different colors on your wrists to showcase the difference. That's kind of awesome for a novice like me!! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  6. These palettes look beautiful! Especially like the look of the blushed one.


  7. Piękne cienie, uwielbiam makijaż w brązach. Żeby jeszcze moje umiejętności malowania były lepsze ;))))

  8. The Blush Nudes look totally up my street! Can't wait until we get them here in Australia!



  9. Ta paleta The Blush Nudes najbardziej mi się podoba:). Great gift from Your daughter!

  10. OMG <3 The Blushes Nude zazdroszcze Ci bardzo! Szkoda ze jej u nas nie bedzie :(

  11. Thanks for this review! I have the Urban Decay Naked 3 and some of those pinks are PRETTIER and more PIGMENTED. So nice to have a cheaper option!

  12. Słyszałam dobre opinie o tych paletach, ale u nas są chyba niedostępne...


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