My First RocksBox ~ I'm a ROCKSBOX IT GIRL

Did you know I like, no I mean LOVE jewelry? No ? Well now you do.
I received my very first ROCKSBOX in the mail last week. 
Rocksbox is a subscription service that let you rent beautiful jewelry for only $19/mo. You get 3 gorgeous and unique pieces of designer jewelry. You can keep is as long as you want or send it back, and then they will send you new pieces. If you like something you can always purchase it at discounted price. 

Rocksbox reached out to me and they asked if I would like to try their service for three months free of charges. I said YES after emailing back and forward. I sign up on their website and took a style survey. After entering my billing and shipping info I got my first box within a week. Opening it was like Christmas in May. The jewelry they send to me is STUNNING! It is so me, actually I can hear it screaming my name every time I look at it :)
If you interested in signing up for a Rocksbox yourself, get your first month FREE with this code  "VILLEMOXOXO".
Disclaimer: when you sign up, you will have to enter your credit card information for authorization purposes and Rocksbox will charge you $25 but they immediately void it after. So no worries. 
If you have any questions, don't be shy just ask:) 

The jewelry arrives in a white box. Inside is neatly packed. Each piece is packed in separate black bag and wrapped with chevron tissue paper. When I opened the lid, there was a note with my name on and another note form a Madison, who choose the jewelry for me, Sweet huh?! 
Here is what I got:
~ PERRY STREET Chelsea Earrings ( $52 $41)
~ GORJANA Taner Bar Mini Necklace in  silver ( $55 $44)
~ PERRY STREET Amelie Crystal Necklace ( $90 $72)

Can we talk on how stunningly beautiful the Perry Street Necklace is?!? I get a rock star vibe and I love to pair it up with my leather jacket and some simple clear zirconia studs.  You want to concentrate on the necklace. My metal nature is calling. I already have a style idea in my mind and cant wait to show it off. 
The only thing I dislike about it is how tight the bib is ... I wish it would be a bit wider so I could wear it around my neck.

Just look the crystal earrings by Perry Street. Aren't they gorgeous? Pear shaped, oval and round crystals make this piece very classy and timeless. Perfect for any occasion. 

The last piece in my box is Gorjana Taner bar Necklace in Silver. It is a really pretty, delicate and simple piece. Not really my style. I like bold and big jewelry, but yes sometimes I have to keep it simple. Due to short chain it is very tight around my neck :(

Perry Street AMELIE necklace

Gorjana Taner Bar

Perry Street Chelsea Earrings

Selfie of the most beautiful necklace

Next two pics I'm wearing Gorjana taner bar necklace

Earrings :) I will try to take better pictures soon :)


  1. Świetna biżuteria, kuuusi. ;3

  2. Lol, I'm not a jewelry expert either (something tells me I need to read your blog regularly so I can learn about make-up + jewelry), but what an interesting concept! I knew some health foods and even make-up did subscription boxes but I had no idea the jewelry industry was in on it too! XO
    -Lauren Blair


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