Aspara Neem Facial Cleanser ~ review

Apsara's Neem facial Cleanser reminds me a cleanser I used a very long time ago. Ok, I love herbal skin care. I know the scent might be too strong to some, but for me is really refreshing. 
I have acne/prone/oily skin since I can remember. Back when I lived in Poland I only used herbal skin care. That what my dermatologist suggested. I had lots of prescriptions for all kind of cleansers , masks and creams. So for me herbal skin care and herbal scent is very pleasant and it smell like home. 
Recently I got Apsara Neem facial cleanser and I must say I like it! It is a gel based formula that helps me keep my skin clean. I been using day and night and OMG I love the herbal scent. I know I am repeating myself but what can I say! It foams and clean my skin from all leftover makeup or in a day time from leftover skin care. Essential oils of eucalyptus and neem are known to reduce the appearance of excess oil in a T zone area. 
my skin feel refreshed and more cleaner. Plus I love the cooling effect. I also see a big difference in my acne problem. I get less of them and my face looks better. Neem cleanser keeps my acne at bay. My face feels cleaner and well better for sure :)

Neem is also known as Indian Lily. It is supposed to be miracle for people with problematic skin. Thanks to it's antibacterial properties Neem is good for people with sensitive skin, oily and acne skin. Contains vitamin C Which helps getting rid of skin problems (blackhead, dullness and aging sights, leaves skin with youthful glow).

Apsara Neem cleanser is one of the best cleaners used so far. It cleans deep and leave my skin refreshed with no signs of dryness. This all I been using for past month and I am running low on it. Definitely on some point I will pick u another bottle! this stuff is amazing!
If you have problematic skin definitely give it a shot.
You can purchase it here-----> Neem Cleanser.  $20 (4 fl.oz)


  1. I know nothing about Indian Lily, have to do some research :-)

  2. Ojej ja akurat nie przepadam za takimi ziołowymi zapachami więc pewnie ten produkt nie przypadł by mi do gustu ale skoro dla Ciebie jest przyjemny to inna bajka :D
    Fajnie że pomaga na problemy skórne :>


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