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Amarte began in Korean in 1994 as a skin care initiative within prestige dermatology clinic. In 2004 Amarte had become well establish high end skin care brand in East Asia. Today Amarte is becoming known throughout the world. 

Amarte Overnight Express Therapy is one of the best skin care products I tried so far. This new Korean sleeping mask delivers intense hydration, softness, firmness and luminosity. 
I have never used any sleep mask before and I see I did missed a lot. They are amazing! Especially this one! Feels like silk and absorbs super fast into the skin. Doesn't feel sticky or greasy. It have a nice fruity scent. Works great on my oily skin! Best part it didn't break me out! woohoo! 
After all my skin care steps I apply Amarte Overnight Express Therapy last, as a final step. 
In the morning I wash it off with cleanser. My skin is super soft when I touch it. Feel good too! I been using it every night for a psat week and I am so happy with the results. Such a game changer in my skincare routine. Definitely a must try. Trust me you will feel results within days. 
The key ingredients:
* Silk Fibroin ~ (Silk Extract) an antioxidant protein matrix that brightness skin and stimulate collagen production.
* Propolis Cera ~ an antioxidant , anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial healing emollient.
  * rh-Oligopeptide-1 ~ a nanoencapsulated peptide based epidermal growth factor that enhances cell renewal. 

Product comes with a pump which I love! I pump out only one time and I get just the right amount of product to apply to my face. The packaging is pretty too, yellowish-gold! It is just the right size, lightweight. It does have a gold rim around the lid. Amarte name and logo in gold and rest writen in black ink. On the top of the lid there is also Amarte name written in gold. 

Amarte Overnight Express Therapy can be purchased on AMARTE Website.
Price: $79

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  1. I love Korean Beauty :) as a proud owner of insanely white skin their products seem to be working miracles for me :) great post X X


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