Vanity Flair Customs ~ Makeup and Brush Holders

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Hi Loves!

Have you ever wonder what the background on almost all my pictures is ?Well those are brush and makeup holders from Vanity Flair Customs.
They all are handmade by owner ~Kirsten.
And they are gorgeous! I have total of 7 and seriously I want more!

The holders are huge inside. You can fit a lot of brushes and not only. They are also perfect for storing lipsticks,lipglosses, eyeshadow ets.
Prices vary depend on the holder you want. You can also custom made your or just choose from the ones on Kirsten etsy shop.

Lets me show you my very first holder I got from her.
Louis Vuitton inspired holder. It is freaking gorgeous! Love the bronzy gold glitter and the LV decal is beautiful!

The next two:
 * Too Glam To Give  a Damn ~silver glitter.Love the quote and the letter decal. Perfection On the other side I have a picture that says" On A Bad Day There Is Always Lipstick"and how true this is!

* Wake Up and Make Up ~  love this one!It's pink and is so sparkly! FYI I am trying to hunt down a pink mug with the same quote but no luck.I knew a girl who used to made it but she don't do it anymore *sad face*. The other side of this holder is a LV white heart :)How sweet!

My third was Tiffany & Co inspired holder. and OMG I was never more excited then when I was waiting for this baby!This is prefect. Love the tiffany blue glitter with black Tiffany & CO decal. This holder also have a special meaning to me:) On the other side I think that is Audrey Hepburn picture in black and white. and I have to say that unfortunately it is no longer available.

The last three arrived last week and Monica was so excited that had to rearrange her vanity hahah!But It was so worth it.

* Chanel inspired ~baby pink glitter.I love how sweet and cute it looks. Chanel Logo is white and looks really beautiful on the pink glitter.On the other side I have a white unicorn! GodLove anything magical like mermaids, angels and unicorns. Unicorn decal was a collab that Kirsten did with makup_by>_soolmoz on IG .I love that unicorn :)

* Blend That Shit ~pink glitter. Ok I Love pink if you didn't notice haha! Love This holder as well. The other side of the holder is again the Unicorn but this time decal is silver and more glittery.

* Last is the is smaller than others. This one is perfect for your lipsticks!and can we talk about that glittery pink lips decal! I loveee it!This one is a new addition and it should be available soon.

All holders can be purchase on VFC etsy page---> here.
Also make sure you check her IG page so you can see more :) ---> here. 


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