Absolute NY Lip Crayons ~ Review and Swatches :)

Hi ,

I just came across of an amazing lip product! and of curse I am in LOVE :)
two weeks ago while shopping, these babies pop out out of nowhere and since the price was great I decided to take them home with me. After I first apply it was like WOW! 
The Absolute NEW YORK LIP CRAYON  3-piece set came in following colors :

*RED (Curvy Candy)
*PINK (Strawberry)
*PINKY NUDE (Cherry)

the texture is super soft, smooth  and buttery. You don't even need to press hard to get that intense color! and you will after ONE swipe, yes just one. don't have to go over and over on your lips like with other lipsticks and other crayons. 
What I did was just outline my lips (like with lip liner) and then filled the bottom lip with the color and press them together. Done. 
The texture reminds me a bit of NYX Butter Lipstick but this one is more creamier and much more softer. And the pigmentation of these babies is awesome! Leave a glossy finish and after long lasting stain.
Plus On top of that they moisturize.
The crayon tube is plastic , very well made. The cap not so good. It a bit loose and it easily comes off. Like most of the crayons there are twist able.
I saw them on Nicka K website a while back  for $9.99, but don't think they sell it anymore. (?)

Here are some swatches on Meh :) Sorry the pictures might be a bit bright.... The sun was hiding and my flash was on , so yep i will be shiny hahah :) but don't ya look at mah face just mah lips :) hehe 
let me know what you ladies think!

this one is color STRAWBERRY

This one in color CHERRY

This one in color CURVY CANDY.

XoXo ~ Monica


  1. Aaaa dlaczego NYC nie ma w uk ; (; (; (
    truskawka jest cudowna

  2. Curvy Candy and Strawberry look amazing on you :-)

  3. W opakowaniu najbardziej podoba mi się wiśnia/czereśnia a na ustach truskawka :)

  4. Wszystkie SA genialne ;-). Najbardziej to podoba mi się truskawka ;-)

  5. od jakiegoś czasu chcę zakupić sobie szminkę w kredce ale w Polsce są jeszcze mało popularne :)


  6. cudne kolorki <3 ten w środku taki idealnie mój <3


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