Empties ~ Project Pan ~July 2015

The last 'project pan' I did last year. 
I have some empties to share with you today. More then half Hubby throw out. 
Here is all what  I manage to hide form him LOL! 

Dawno nie robilam projektu denko. Ostatni taki wpis pojawil sie rok temu. 
Mam  kilka produtkow ktore zuzylam od tamtego czasu. Wiekszosc niestety wyladaowala w koszu. Maz wyrzucil dwie siatki z pustymi opakowaniami.
teraz pokaze to co mi sie udalo schowac przed nim hahaha


1. Always Radiant Infinity Pads (Overnight and Regular) `~ so far my favorite pads. They are thin and super absorbent. Plus they do have a light scent to it. Well I like when pads, tampons or pantyliner have a scent to it. Maybe I'm weird haha. Yes I will Repurchase

2. Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons ~ my second box. I did review on them here. Yes I will repurchase. 

3. Delon Nail Polish Remover (lemon scented) ~ I got it from Dollar Store. Its my third bottle. It works good on a regular nail polish . Takes it off easily. But the glitter one ...that's a hard one. Maybe I will Buy it again. I want to try different ones  out there. 

4. Pretty nails Polish Remover~ this one comes with a sponge inside. You just dip your finger and twist few times. It have a nice flowery scent. Works good on regular nail polish, not glitter. Might buy it again.

5. Revlon Colorsilk Hair Dye (05 Ultra Light Ash Blonde) ~  Been using this one for a very long time. Cant tell how many boxes I used up already. Its ammonia free.Super easy to use and I like the color I get on my hair.  Yes I will Buy It Again.

6. Cavalier Cotton Rounds ~ Again I don't know how many packages I used already. They are cheap ($1.29) and works great for me. Yes I will Buy It Again.

7. Maybelline Makeup Remover Wipes ~ I think I got a bad batch. After reading all reviews and the positive feedback I decided to try it myself. My wipes were really dry! like the was no moisture to it. It was really hard to take off my eye makeup. Like I said I might just picked up a bad batch. I will try it again. And lets see then. The first time I used them I didn't like it. 

8. Renewal Exfoliating Cleanser (Rite Aid Brand) ~ It came with the brush set I got from Rite Aid. Nice cleanser. With tiny micro beads. It was a bit to harsh for me to use with the brush. i was better off with my hands. No scent to it. Even though its a good product I will not be buying again. I want to try different ones.

9. Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub ~ It didn't do much for me. This products is more like a creamy wash then exfoliating cleanser. Beads are not harsh. I didn't even feel them while washing my face. I don't think i will be buying again. 

10. Softsoap Coconut Scrub ~ hence down one of the best body washes I tried. Love the scent, which is not strong. Creamy, buttery wash with some tiny beads. It does not exfoliate, but that's fine by me. Love how my skin feels soft, smooth and moisturize!  Definitely will be buying more.

11. Softsoap Juice Pomegranate & Mango Infusion ~ Love the fresh citrusy smelling of this body wash. Again we have some beads in here, but they do not exfoliate. yes I will be buying again.

12. Bath and Body Works Shower Gel ~ Sugar Berry Smash, was a Christmas gift. Smells like Christmas :) You have Blackberry, Red Currants, Clementine, Pink Jasmine, Creamy Iris, Sugary Nutmeg, Cashmere Woods, Whipped Vanilla and Soft Musk. Christmas right? Overall BBW shower gels are one of the best in the market. A little go a long way. Foams nice and scents transfers to the skin and lasts long time. I will be getting more shower gels form BBW , but not this one.... It was a Limited Edition ;( Sadly.

13. AXE Anarchy for Her ~ small sample size attached to body spray by AXE. Its tiny and I used it twice. I don't think I will be buying again

14. NIVEA touch of renewal ~ scrub/peeling. Contains exfoliating microbeads. Not harsh but it does the job of scrubbing. Really like how my skin feels :) Smell is pleasant. Very gentle. Yes I will be buying again

15. Bath and Body Works Body Lotion ~ Bali Mango and Capri Seaside Citrus ~ Both Limited edition. Both smells amazing , especially the Mango one ( I have a backup of it ). both contains Shea butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. Non greasy and absorbs quickly. Skin feels super moisturize. Yes I will be buying more , after I use all the ones i have hidden in the house! 

16. Secret Clinical Strength ~ hand down one of my favorite deodorants out there. More on a pricey side. But totally worth it. Super effective. Will be buying again.

17. John Freida Sheer Blonde - Go Blonder Shampoo and Conditioner ~  both worked great on me.  It didn't made my hair dry, instead my hair looked softer and healthier. It took the brassy color out my hair. It have nice citrusy scent to it. I will go back to it one day. Now I want to try other hair products. 

18. Batiste Dry Shampoo ~ Hands down the best dry shampoo out there. I'm pretty sure I can find many lovers of this dry shampoo over here.  Yes I will be buying it again

19. Glade Air Freshener White Tea and Lily ~ very affordable air fresheners. This one smells like a heaven . I don't know how to describe the scent but trust me, you would love it too. 


  1. I tak wyszło Ci niezłe denko ;) Ostatnio coraz bardziej przekonują mnie szampony Batiste ;)

    1. te szapony sa super :) ja musze znow zamowic naspeny

  2. Z Twoich zużyć znam tylko Batiste, ale marzą mi się kosmetyki Bath & Body Works :) PS. Nie znałam wczesniej ang. określenia 'project pan', znałam tylko 'empties', także dzięki + pozdrawiam! xo

  3. You are so good at finishing up your products. I get bored so quickly.

    1. hahah not really ...I take my time with each product.

  4. dużo tego, ja jakoś tak wychodzi że mam dość oszczędną naturę :)

  5. ale tego uzbierałaś sporo :) batiste również bardzo lubię :)

  6. Sporo udało Ci się zużyć, gratulacje :)


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