Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

Hi ...!

Lets talk about Tampons! yes why not! :) I know as a woman that "That time of the month" can be not easy for some of us , and we need a best tampons that can help us go through it.  I recently got a Playtex Sport Fresh Balance (I received this product form Influenster for testing purposes). And they did choose a good time for it to send it to me,and i was able to use t shortly after i revived.

The box cotains 16 regular size tampons (absorbency range is 6-9g). there have a odor shield technology design to neutralize odors and it does . 360 degree protection design to fit ur body and its movements for protective barrier, have no problems exercising and doing my daily zumba :) very easy application , plus they do smell good!!! and I do scented tampons or pads :)
I think I will have to cheat on my U by Kotex tampons I been using for a long time. This one is amazing and if u need a good protection due to sports and being active, I   would recommend them to you! After Im done with mine , Im getting a new box for sure! Thanks Influenster and PlayTex! and #PLAYON!


  1. Też używam tamponów, są bardziej higieniczne i bezpieczne

  2. I've never been a fan of scented pads, sometimes felt like I could smell the pad randomly during the day. Luckily not a problem with tampons!

    1. i actually do like them to be scented
      :) i dunno hahah i might be weird lol but i feel better


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