Amazing Cosmetics ~ Amazing Concealer

Now I know what  the hype is about. 
The Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer is truly amazing.
When I first tried it I was positively surprised on how good it is. 
I don't have visible dark circles under my eyes  but I always , always use concealer.Every day. And since I been using this one I am completely hooked! I just need a tiny bit of a drop to cover both sides of my under-eye area. I use it also around my nose and chin. The consistency is creamy and thick, a little on watery side. I don't know if I make any sense. The first time I squeezed it out a lot of oil came out and the concealer was more liquid form. Now is much better. 
I used my fingers first to apply, now I use dump beauty blender. I apply underneath of my BB Cream. When I switch to foundation I might try to apply over it. But for me I like my concealer under though. 
It bends well and gives me a medium/full coverage. Covers well face imperfections like zits (which I get once in a while). It last pretty long time too.the longest was 8h.
I did however creased a bit. I guess the warmer and more humid air in NYC does that. I bet that in now coming colder months it will work better. That how it is. The more humid the more my makeup melts off my face. And that time I try to wear as less as possible. Recently the weather started to cool off and I see the concealer preforms much better. 
What else you need to know:
* packaging is regular black squeezable tube. Tiny tube. 
* Comes in 2 sizes (  Full size is .5 fl.oz/15ml($42)  and Travel size .2 fl.oz/6ml ($28) but they will last for ages since you need just tiny bit)
* there are 20 shades available ( I have my in FAIR )
* you can buy it at Sephora, Ulta and Amazing Cosmetics website
* versatile ( conceals, primes, defines, highlight and contours)
*  water resistant  

Overall I super happy with the resultants I get. It is a very good concealer and now I know what the hype is about. I will say if you have a dark circles, uneven skin tones and age spots I suggest you to try this concealer out.

Also I want to show you swatches alongside my other concealers. Most of my concealers are form drugstore, this one is my first higher end one. And yes, I do like the Amazing Concealer more then others. Last much longer then other ones and well the coverage is way better. 
Take a look.

Look t the coverage once I rub it into my hand ! Crazy right?!


  1. Never heard of this product... probably because it's not accessible in Poland..

    1. maybe one day it will be. really amazing product

  2. W Polsce jest to raczej marka niezbyt znana ;)

    1. moze i niedlugo bedzie bardiej znana :) powiem ze zaskoczona jestme tym korektorem bardzo fajny produkt


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