Coconut + Coffee Body Scrub by Borika

Another body scrub! yay! Hope Im not boring you with this kinda posts. Just FYI there will be one more review of other coffee scrub next week. 

This time I will be "talking" about Borika's Coffee scrub. 
Its all natural and organic coffee scrub. 
Made with a rich blend of Coconut Flakes, Coconut Oil, Coffee, Himalayan Salt and Fresh Lemon Zest Scent. 
If you are a coffee junkie, in other word if you love coffee try this one out. Its amazing. Just
like a sugar scrub this one leaves my skin super soft and refreshed. Gets rid off all the dead skin and my skin is silky smooth. I did try it on my face and I did like it. I kept it for about 3 minutes and then I rinse it off. I been scrubbing twice a week but I think I should do it more often :) 
It is a coffee scrub but you will not smell like a coffee, so don't worry. The scent might be strong but after words it is not. 
And since we are "talking" scents let me tell you how this one smells. As the name says, smells like a coffee but I don't smell coconuts. The second strong scent to coffee is lemon zest. It smells like a lemon coffee. And the lemon makes this scrub more refreshing :) 
The only down side that it is a bit messy... remember this is coffee and you know how messy coffee gets. But anyways after I use it I rinse my tub and all good to go. For me its worth it :) I could do it everyday :) 
Again you guys need to try it for yourself :) 

Here is Borika's Website ------>Click
Again this scrub is a perfect for you or for any coffee junkie out there :) 
Get SCRUBBING Ladies and Gentleman  :)

Shameless selfie :)


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