Milani Cosmetics Constellation Gel Liners Fall 2015

I was lucky enough to find a display at my local Walgreens. Milani came out with similar ones last year too. But unfortunately I bought nothing... I only found empty displays. 
 I really wanted it even though they didn't have the best reviews. But come on you just want them in your collection, they are just so pretty too look at it. 
So when I saw the new ones I grabbed all three, 
The glitter/over-spray is just so beautiful.
I think they might be Limited Edition like the ones form last year.

Here are this year shades:
* 04 Evening Star (silver, blue)
* 05 Celestial (mix of pinks, golds and browns)
* 06 Galaxy  (mix of greens)

Now a moment of truth. I mean if you have the last year ones you know what I am about to say.
Underneath of that gorgeous over spray we get regular liner. That means all that glitter don't run through the entire pot. Sucks...
Evening star is a black liner, Celestial is brown and Galaxy ~ really dark green almost black. I really wont be able to tell the difference between Galaxy and Evening star once the glitter is gone.
I did swatched them on my hand and they did not dry. I heard the same thing happened with the last year ones.
I don't think you really need it. I only got them because of that gorgeous over spray. I wont be using them at all. If you are like me and like to collect makeup, then get it. Other then that don't waste your money. I got them at Walgreen's $6.99 each.


  1. 'Celestial' looks gorgeous! I so wish we had Milani as readily available here in Australia, but I think I'll have to order it online.

    Love the pictures too :)



  2. Kochana, wyglądają kosmicznie, niczym gwiazdy na niebie, a zwłaszcza Celestial powala urokiem :D

  3. They're all gorgeous! I'd like to try this brand too but I can't find it here... kisses!

  4. Galaxy <3 Przecudowne są wszystkie z resztą.

  5. OMG <3 Sa cudowne! bardzo bym je chciala <3 cuuudne

  6. Celestial and Galaxy look gorgeous! I might have to give these a try!

  7. OMG I didn't know they had new ones! They are gorgeous! I did get the ones from last year and yeah, I don't even use them now. : ( Super pretty though.

  8. Wyglądają super, ale szkoda, że nie są rewelacyjne:)

  9. These look incredible. I love Celestial. So pretty and unique. Shame the glitter is just an overspray. x

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