Skin Care with Peter Lamas

The basics of my skin care are Cleanser, Exfoliate and Moisturizer. 
I am still in search of a good toner and under eye cream.
Let me show you the products I been using for past two weeks. 
Peter Lamas products are natural and organic. 100% vegan, no animal testing. Paraben and Petrochemical  Free. Peter Lamas Naturals Skin Care line is innovatively formulated according to natural science principles. Each product combines plant extracts with advanced skincare technology to help repair and replenish skin, giving a youthful more radiant glow.

Peter Lamas Detoxifying Citrus C facial Cleanser

Good for all skin types. Cleanser is locked in a squeezable tube.It stands on its "head".I been slightly obsessed with it. I use is every day (night and day).You just need a small amount to clean your face. Works really good with my Clarisonic MIA. Its very gentle and works great for my sensitive/acne skin.When I rub into my face it feels almost like a silk. After words my skin feels super soft, refreshed and brighter. It is packed with natural ingredients :
* purifying blend of Chamomile
* Coconut and Alba Bark create a rich lather that helps remove makeup and dead skin cells
* Olive Extract locks in moisture to smooth and strengthen the skin
* Vit C and Beta Carotene works to detoxify, protect and energize giving younger looking skin.
The scent is very pleasant as well. Reminds me of Christmas oranges. Every Christmas as a kid, I always got a bunch of oranges and mandarins. Love the smell  when I was peeling it off and the cleanser smell reminds me of that, its just not as strong. Like I said very pleasant. 

You can buy it form here.   Price $24 for  4fl.oz/118ml

Peter Lamas Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub

Oh how I love a good scrub! I use this Pumpkin one daily it is gentle enough to do so. It didn't irritate my skin or anything. The Texture is creamy and exfoliating grains remove dead skin cells and leftovers of my makeup. My skin feels refreshed, soft and beautiful. As a Cleanser the scrub is also packed with natural ingredients that cleanses and purifies skin :
* Pumpkin Enzymes combine with Apple and Almond acids dissolves cellular debris within the pores
* Apricot Grains and Micro-spheres gently polishes away dead skin cells
* Pumpkin Oil, Aloe Vera and Vit. C blend protects and hydrates skin giving flawless complexion. 
I am so happy with this results I get form this scrub. I do see and feel difference in my skin. 
Again can we talk about the smell? Its reminds me of Fall and Thanksgiving. Its not an actual pumpkin smell per se. I does have a hint of caramel. Reminds me of a home made pumpkin pie but its not as strong ..if you know what I mean... Well it makes sense in my head hahaha. But seriously you need to try this!
ooooo I almost forgot about packaging. Its same as a cleanser. Scrub is lock in a tube standing on the "head".  
The Cleanser and Scrub work great as a team ;) 

You can buy if form here.  $28 for 4fl.oz / 118ml

Peter Lamas Nourishing Burti Oil Moisturizer

The formula is lightweight and great for all skin types. Absorbs quickly and don't clog pores.  And I have pretty large pores. It leaves my skin looking moisturized, refreshed and smooth. Again it is packed with natural ingredients :
* Burti Oil (packed with vit.a and vit.e)
* Macadamia Oil
*Avocado Oil
* Aloe Leaf Extract
All combine re-hydrate and moisturize skin. 
The moisturizer is locked in a tube. After you take the cap off there is a pump! Yay for pump. At first I thought it will be squeezable like the cleanser and scrub. So much better and more practical. I use to pumps and then I apply all over my face.This is my final step after cleansing and exfoliating. Like I said it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I use it day and night. The only thing I dislike is the smell. I don't really like it. Its so funny because my husband does like it and he dislike the smell of cleanser and scrub... Oh well... 

You can buy it here.  $36 for 1fl.oz / 30ml

Over all I so happy with all the products. Really love the Pumpkin scrub. 
If you want to try natural, organic and vegan products I suggest to try Peter Lamas. Check their website. They have a pretty good selection of hair care,skin care and body care. 
I will be reviewing their hand scrub and hand cream soon. 
Have a great day.


  1. Polubiłabym się z tym dyniowym peelingiem :D Przypomina mi wyglądem mojego ulubieńca z Himalaya Herbals (ale on jest morelowy) ;)

  2. Nie słyszałam nigdy o tej marce ale dyniowy scrub mogłabym przygarnąć.

  3. Replies
    1. dziekuje :) jestem pod wraeniem sa super


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