Wet n Wild ~ 'Halloween Display' and 'Here's to the Wild ones' ~ HAUL, SWATCHES compared to Permanent lipsticks (lots of pics)

I was lucky enough to stumble over two LE wet n wild displays last Sunday.
I found the Halloween one and Here's to the wild ones. 
I manage to get all 4 new LE lipsticks form Halloween Display and 3 nail polishes. 
For the 'Here;s to the wild ones' I only got 3 lipsticks out of 6. 
I also want to show you swatches the most. You really don't need all the lipsticks ! 
I compered them to permanent line lipsticks and last year LE lipsticks. 
Really they all look so similar! 
Take a look 

These are form Halloween 2015 display. But I tell you the colors are very similar to ones that exist already. Scroll down for more swatches.
* Pink Pyramid
*Blossom Out
*Bordeaux Bitten
*Red Sea Resort

Nail Polishes form Halloween Display. I will swatch them over the weekend.
(L to R)
*Haute Hieroglyph
*Embellish Minted
*Pharaoh Fatale

These 3 are form 'Here's to the wild ones' display. Sorry no separate  swathes of these. I don't know why I forgot to swatch them LOL!
The colors I picked (L to R)
* Nightcap (reddish brown)
* On the Ave ( fuchsia purple)
* Celeb Sighting (orangy red)

Now here is the fun art. Swatches compared to other Wet n Wild lipsticks

First goes Blossom Out ( this year Halloween display).
Loos exactly same as Pink Suga ( last year Halloween display) and it is a bit darker then Clothing Optional ( also last year Halloween display). If you own any f the other two , you really don't need this one ...

Second is Pink Pyramid ( Halloween 2015). I felt like I need this color ..why ...? Because it remind me of my favorite Cherry Picking ...and guess what?! Its same! Cherry picking might be slightly darker But also check this one out the new Fall 2015 Here's to wild ones lipstick On the Ave looks exact;y same as Pink Pyramid. So if you own Cherry Picking you don't need any of the other two. But if you don't, then pick only one , as you can see they are both same!

Next one Red Sea Resort (Halloween 2015) I compared to Celeb Sighting ( new Fall 2015 display) (again you don't need both ..duh) and other two red from permanent line Red Velvet and Spotlight Red

Next we have Bordeaux Bitten. Kinda reminds me of Bordeaux Boulevard form last year, bur unfortunately I don't own this one. I compared to Cherry Bomb (permanent line) and Urban nights ( I think it was form Halloween 2014). Cherry Bomb is a lot darker, but Urban nights its very similar.

Last one to compare is Nightcap form Fall 2015 display.
the closest shade that I fund in my wet n wild stash as Coming in Latte (from Halloween 2014).
But as you can see the Nightcap is more on a brown side and Coming in Latte more on a nude side.

Hope this post was helpful :) they all retail less then $2.49, depends on a location.
Hapy shopping :) for me I still need to get reaming 3 lipsticks form 'Here's to the wild ones' display. 


  1. great post
    GFC you want to follow and keep in touch?
    let me know and I follow back!

  2. Cherry Bomb i Coming in Latte :))

  3. These are pretty lipsticks! So many different shades, Bordeaux Bitten is stunning!


  4. Very helpful post, for sure! Thanks for your hard work. I love the comparison swatches especially. I think I'll get Red Sea Resort. :D

    1. thank you :) I really need to hunt remaining 3 form Fall Collection . Even tho I am pretty sure I have dupes of it

  5. Śliczne robisz zdjęcia, a szminki super:)

  6. So many gorgeous lipstick shades and I am especially loving the burgundy ones, perfect for winter. Wish we had Wet N Wild in the UK everything is so affordable too x

    Beauty with charm

  7. Bordeaux Bitten looks gorgeous! I have a few of the matte lipsticks and the formal is amazing :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway

  8. Is Bordeaux Bitten more similar to Cherry Bomb or to Sugar Plum Fairy?

  9. Ugh! They didn't have all these at my store!! I want these!! Red Sea Resort is really pretty- looks like the OFRA lipstick from Kathleen Lights? Love these!!

  10. Ugh! They didn't have all these at my store!! I want these!! Red Sea Resort is really pretty- looks like the OFRA lipstick from Kathleen Lights? Love these!!

  11. Thank you so much for the comparison! The limited edition shades are never available in my country, I even had to buy from online stores to get the complete shades because Wet n' Wild stores in Indonesia never seem to update their shades options. I had no idea Pink Pyramid looks almost identical to Cherry Picking, it's been on my wishlist for a while now. I just wish they'll make Night Cap and Coming in Latte as permanent shades.

    Sitha | lemmeswatchit.blogspot.com

  12. wow! faktycznie szminki mają piękne kolory


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