Cover Girl TruNaked 'Goldens' and 'Nudes' Swatches + Review

Cover Girl recently launched new eyeshadow palettes : Goldens, Nudes and Roses.
My CVS had display with only Goldens and Nudes and so I grabbed both. Roses palette is available at ULTA, and that will be my next stop.
Palettes are pretty pricey. I paid $13.95 for each at my CVS, which for 8 pan is a bit expensive. I am still kinda disappointed that bogo on Cover Girl did not include these palettes or anything from Spring collection. Oh well maybe next time. 
As I said they are pricey for a drugstore, but the shades claim to be 'like leading $50 eye shadow palette'. A lot of people compare them to Urban Decay palettes. Roses would be dupe for Naked 3, Goldens dupe for Naked , and Nudes dupe for Naked 2.

Like I said before they are 8 pan eyeshadows, come in a plastic packaging. Clear lid, so you can see a shadows. On the lid in gold letters you can see the name Cover Girl TruNaked ( Nudes, Goldens and Roses depends on the palette ). Inside there is dual sponge applicator. At the back you can see the names of eyeshadows and ingredients list. 

Now the formula on these is amazing! They do feel like a high end shadows. Soft. creamy texture that blends wonderfully.  In palette you can find matte shades and shimmery shades. The pigmentation on these is off the chain. For real ! I really like the Maybelline palettes but these are way better in my opinion. Also the lightest matte shades in both palettes  really lack in pigmentation. In Goldens is the first shade - Creme and in Nudes second shade - Shell. As of the rest ,they are to die for, The shimmers swatches better then matte shades. All swatched with my finger with no base.

Overall I really like them. I will get Roses and new Maybelline soon :) 
Did you get yours already? Let me know how you like them :) 

'Goldens' palette

as you can see, the first shade is barely there.

'Nudes' palette

Again , look at the second shade.And first too.


  1. Bardzo piękne kolory i w opakowaniu i w "swatchach", przydałoby mi się to <3


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