TrestiQe Blush Stick ~ swatches and review

Alright, I have to share with you this amazing product! It is my new must have. Why? Just read it and take a look at it :).

I am taking about TrestiQue Blush stick. TrestiQue is makeup line of a makeup crayons, that helps you reduce time you spent to put on you makeup. The packaging on this product is amazing! looks like a crayon on color pencil. Each products is it a blush, bronzer or lipsticks is double ended. Like for example the blush I have, at the end you can find a brush.

St. Barth's Pink Blush Stick ~ As I said I love the packaging. The color of the blush is gorgeous! I usually don't go for bright or candy pink colors but this one is just beautiful! in the package looks like bright barbie pink, but once you apply and blend, gives more of a natural look. I apply small amount on the apples of my cheeks and then blend upwards with the attached blending brush. The brush it is great as well. Angled and dense, makes bending out so much easier:) Formula is light and easy to blend. Let me mention the magnetic feature! Yes, you read that right! no more missing or loose lids :) you can just throw in your purse / makeup bag. The cap/lid wont come off. Life saver or what!?

The products are paraben free, cruelty free and ... travel friendly .
I suggest to check them out! I bet you will love them as much as I do! This blush was my 'to go' blush. Love how easy and fast I could apply it. Indeed saves time on a makeup routine, especially when I'm in hurry. 
I think TrestiQue products are such a nice addiction to a makeup junkie collection. If you don't have  gift idea and someone loves makeup, introduce them to this brand. I bet they will love it :) 

Swatch at the top and how it looks blended at the bottom.

TrestiQue products are available here.
I will be reviewing also two lip products form them :) Stay Tuned :)


  1. Zabawnie wygląda :D Ale do policzków wolę "suche" produkty ;)

    1. ja tez , ale z tym sie bardzo polubilam :)

  2. Ciekawe rozwiązanie, ale nie całkiem do mnie trafia :)

  3. Fajnie, że nie zawierają konserwantów i że nie są testowane na zwierzętach :) na pewno ciekawy i wygodny produkt w podróży :)

  4. Ale fajnie to ukryli! Ja juz sie bałam ze to taka kredka :D

  5. The lipstick is so cute! Love the packaging, Monica! xoxo


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