TULA Advanced Neck Cream

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It is around 10pm on Thursday night and I am blogging :) 
I love blogging and just spilling my heart into my posts sooo much. 
Today I want show you my prize I won In TULA giveaway a while back.
The Advance Neck Cream is in my (almost) daily skin routine. I don't use it everyday, more like every other day. TULA is paraben, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates free and they don't test on animals!

I been using TULA cream for a month now. It supposed to be use twice a day, but well I am lazy in the morning, so I am using it night time only. First of, this is my first time trying any anti aging creams, and first time trying any neck creams. After few uses I must say I was impressed I could see my skin on my neck was tighter and hydrated.
The consistency is thick and creamy and it sinks/absorbs into you skin. Don't feel greasy or what so ever.
It does have a nice clean scent to it. As you know me I love when I can smell my beauty products and makeup. And now lets talk about the jar! OMG right! how gorgeous it is! Looks so pretty on my shelf along my other beauty products. The tiffany blue gives me life! and you guys need to check TULA's IG page. The pictures are beautiful!

If you are interested in purchasing, here is the link.
I won't lie it is a bit pricey, but definitely worth the money.  I say if you are 30+ definetly look into a neck creams. Better start taking care of your neckline sooner then later.
I am truly happy to have this cream in my daily routine. And now I have it in a visible place so I can start using it daily :)

 I have a COUPON FOR YOU my dear readers. Simply use VIP20 on their web to get 20%off!
I actually want to try their cleanser and I might give t a try :) and I think you should too!


  1. Nie słyszałam o tej marce, ale opakowanie ma bardzo ładne :)

  2. Właśnie też powinnam mieć coś na dekolt, ale akurat tego u nas nie ma. Oczywiście masz rację better sooner... Muszę się rozejrzeć za czymś :)

  3. Nie znałam wcześniej tej marki :)

  4. looks like a great product..nice pics..happy holidays :)

    xoxo Eva | www.becausepassion.com


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