Hey Honey 'Good Morning Honey Silk FAcial Serum' ~ Review

I am all about for a good skin care. I never was fond of any serums, because they have the tendency to dry me out, a lot.  Ater that I said no, no more serums or me. 
But then I received two serums that I absolutely fell in love with. One of I reviewed or you already and now it is time or second one. 

Hey Honey "Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum" ~  this light and luxurious serum replenishes and protects skin to improve tone or elegant glowy skin. Rich moisturizers and nutrients such as honey, silk amino acid, sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E provide intense moisture and radiant smooth skin.  
The foundation of Hey Honey's products is Honey and Propolis, which have been used for centuries. Honey is natural antioxidant, it absorb and retain moisture. Propolis is 'nature's best kept secret from beehive'. It is collected by bees from trees, flowers. It is known of its healing antiseptic and restorative capabilities. 
I am a big fan of honey. I use it in my tea and even I made a home DIY masks or my face and hair.  
Did you ever try honey sandwich? My grandma always made it for me. All you need is a slice o rye bread, but some butter and then pour some honey :) Enjoy :) 
Now lets get back to this amazing serum before I will have to go the kitchen and make myself a sandwich.   
I been using it or a month or so. I been using every morning before I apply my makeup, but after I was my face. It works great as a primer. It goes on smoothly and absorbs very fast.Leaves my skin silky soft. One pump goes a long way. It does have a scent to it, which is really pleasant. 
It didn't break me out, it didn't make my skin dry. Hey Honey serum is not tested on animals and it is paraben free. 
Overall I really been enjoying it. It is great or all types of skin even the ones with sensitive skin (which I have). It did work great under my makeup and it kept my skin flawless looking all day. 
I am really looking forward to try more products of Hey Honey. 

If you are intrested in purchase this gem, check their website HeyHoney.com 
1 fl.oz (30ml) ~ $41. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us. Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.



  2. This serum sounds great and perfect for hydrating the skin :)

    Velvet Blush

  3. Sounds great, such a shame it's not available in UK. I love a good serum and can't skip it, it's a table point in my routine. Currently use Retinol based products and yes, they have tendency to drying my skin but I use heavy moisturiser on top and it seems to be working as a dream team :) It reduced my wrinkles a lot :) Love, D x x

    I use Glow Tonic but may need to try the cleansing balm :) Love it x x



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