L'oreal La Palette Lip "Nude" ~ Review + Swatches

Let Me start by saying I am not a fan of this type of products. I owned few in the past and they were a big disappointments. I don't know why I bought this one. I guess the price was reasonable and well I did like the colors in the pans.

L'oreal La Palette Lip is available in two colors: Ruby and Nude. 
I got Nude. Palette contain 0.15 oz of lipsticks, comes with 5 different shades. Black plastic packaging. Lid have a window so you can see the colors. Inside on the bottom of the lid you can find small mirror. There is also lip brush included. 
The lipsticks are beautiful and pigmented! Yes you read that right pigmented! Application is easy. Lipstick go on smoothly, no streaky and lips feel moisturize. There is no scent and no taste. On the lips, lipstick have a glossy finish. I applied them with the brush that palette comes with. I must say the brush is pretty good. I wore the 2nd mauvey shade few times and I dip brush twice and I got really nice, opaque effect and I was pleased with it.  
The great thing is you can mix them together and create Ombre lips. 
I think this palette is a really good buy! I been really loving it. Lipsticks are pigmented, they glide on very easy and they last about 5h on my lips. I am impressed with quality and I say go get it. Small size packing and travel friendly . Plus mirror inside is a huge plus! 
I am definitely going to pick Ruby palette as well :)

You can find it where ever they sell L'oreal products. 
CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen's , Target, Ulta, Walmart. Price my vary.
I got my off Rite Aid  ~ $$11.99. And since I got it on their 40%off sale I only had to pay $7.19+tax.



  1. Też wzięłabym wersję NUDE - kolory są piękne :D

  2. wow they look amazing! i love loreal products!




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