Matcha Lip Scrub ~ Review

Matcha ~  green tea produced in Japan. I love Matcha tea. My Thai friend gave it to me once, and I got hooked right away! It so good! I also really want to try latte. One day I will  :) There is a few  places in NYC to get a good Matcha Latte :) But let talk about a lip scrub instead.

I received my form Matcha Skin a while back. I have never used a lip scrub before. I always wanted to try the famous bubble gum from Lush, but,.. yeah there is always 'but'. Anyways I was so happy to be send this little guy. I fell in love at first scrub :) I can say that right? :)
In my little box I got Matcha Lip Scrub, MAtcha Lip Balm and extra I got Pumpkin Lip Scrub, Pumpkin Lip Balm and two pumpkin soaps. 
 I only tried the Matcha Lip Scrub, balm and pumpkin soaps :) I don't want to have two lip scrubs open at the same time. I think it is a waste. Once I'm done with the matcha one, then I will dig into the Pumpkin one :) 

Matcha Skin care is a skin care brand that carries an entire line of handmade natural products using premium matcha tea as a main ingredient.
My lip scrub come in a small plastic jar. The plastic is really sturdy and heavy duty I say. You get 2oz of  product. As soonest you open it smells like heaven. Gosh so yummy! The scrub is made with premium ceremonial matcha tea, organic cane sugar, extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil.

I apply small amount onto my lips, massage to exfoliate and remove all the dead cells of my lips. I actually got all messy with it . I go crazy scrubbing my lips. Also all the oils goes all around my lips and makes me look green and funny LOL :) But damn the difference I feel in my lips is out of this world! they feel so smooth. I swear I could scrub them every day, but anyways twice a week is enough. and now in winter you better take of your lips ladies and gents :)
Also I love to test all the new skin care on my neighbor Sylvia. She is always so excited to try whatever I tell her. When i used this scrub on her, all I heard is "OMg OMg OMg, I want this I need this , I have t get this for my mom' etc. I also notice that it did plump my lips! how great is that :)
This is in my top skin care routine and a huge MUST HAVE especially now. It also comes with a matching macha lip balm that moisturizes my lips. I only apply it night time. For the day time I use different  lip balm.
All I say get it! Its organic and it does it job :)The lip balm have a very soft consistency. Like compared to for example Nivea lip balm (the one in a small round metal container) this one is mushy, like you finger sinks in.The Nivea one is harder and more thicker.

Like I said this high on my skin care as of the moment. I try to exfoliate my lips at least 3 times a week.

Check their website for more info----> link here.

sorry, my pics are not so great :(

Skin Care I been using lately.


  1. Ale dziwnie wygląda w opakowaniu :D Powiedz mi co to za produkt z Origins?. Polecasz coś z tej firmy. U nas weszła ta marka do Sephory niedawno. :)

  2. I`ve never been drinking Matcha Latte - it is made with green tea powder, with lovely foam on the top :-)


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