Dr. Brandt Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask ~ Review

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Hi Loves!
I am so excited for today's post! Yay! I will be quickly reviewing Dr. Brandt Oxygen Mask. I am becoming a big fan of Dr.Brandt skin care line. IT is truly amazing.
I got this Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask along with Xtend dual Fusion water. Both products are amazing. 
Oxygen Facial Mask is a professional in home instant oxygenating mask design to boost skin's luminosity. Potent formula inspired by the most popular facial in our practice to rescue skin form your busy life in only 3 minutes.

What mask does:
* unveils new skin luminosity
* instantly lessens the marks of fatigue
* revitalizes and re-energizes tired, dull, lackluster skin
* provides a more pure and clarified complexion
* helps smooth the appearance of fine lines.

This facial mask is WOW! Magic in the bottle. After first use I was sold! This is now a staple in my skin care. Oxygen facial Mask is housed in this adorable turquoises bottle. The lid is turquoise clear. The bottom is flat , which allows it o stand.
The mask it self is really light cream consistency that once you spread on your face it foams up. And that is the best part of it! you can actually feel it working  and sinking into your skin. I tell ya I love that feeling. It is tickling and yest feels like a nice massage. The mask is really easy to use. Before applying make sure that your skin is a bit wet. Spread mask all over you face, you don't need to rub it. It will start to foam fast! Once all the foaming bubbles disappear you will see a white film left. That means you can wash your face with warm water and follow with your skin care. 
I can see results immediately! My skin looked brighter, felt tighter and felt better all together. Super soft when I touch ;) 
I actually forced my husband to try it, he is such a pain in the butt when it comes to trying out beauty stuff LOL. I know he is a guy, but come on guys need a pamper time too! I made a deal with him and I let him try it. He almost jumped out his chair when the mask started to frizz! He had to go and look into mirror to see the mask foaming. He told me that it felt great. Mask made his skin softer and more hydrated.
Now let me go and hide it! coz if he likes something trust me it will be gone before I know it! 

I am not lying this mask is awesome! I highly recommend to every one to try it! 
It can be purchased at Sephora , Sephora Online, Ulta, Ulta Online, Dr.Brandt online.
Price $70


  1. Wygląda super, znalazłam kosmetyki tej marki w polskim sklepie Sephora, ale niestety są bardzo drogie...

  2. Loving the sound of this mask, the packaging is super cute, too!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  3. I'm a fan of Dr Brandt products too! xoxo


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