Fairy Girl Lipsticks ~ My Collection Swatches and Review

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Hi Loves!

This post was long coming. Finally, finally it is up and I can introduce you to new amazing, vegan brand - Fairy Girl. They are famous for their lipsticks. The  lipsticks are all over Instagram and everyone loves them! My very first two Fairy Girl lipsticks I won in their giveaway last year. I got Melrose and Perfect. I tell ya I was hooked! One of the best lipsticks I ever tried! 
Fairy Girl is fun girly company. Love their IG page. They share all the gorgeous pics :) 

I was send their all collection and now I am a happy owner of 24 beautiful shades, well 25. Newest addition to the collection, Sabrina arrived in the middle of February.

The packaging is gorgeous! Pink meta tube. It does have nice weight to it, which means your lippies are safe in it. The cap you don;t pull like regular lipsticks. This one you twist :) It is a huge plus for me, because I know the cap will stay on, no matter what. And look at the box each lippie comes with. adorable! Beige with cute flowers printed on it. Simple and ... vintage! and I love any vintage vibes. 
They also send me acrylic organizer to place my lipsticks in :) They all look so pretty on my vanity .. YAY!!!! 

The lipsticks itself are dreamy. They are your perfect NUDES! Demi-matte finsih, that last very long time. I had to reapply it once during a day. I didn't notice any drying with them. Lipsticks fee hydrating. They wear very comfortable on the lips. Opaque in one swipe. Colors are beautiful and unique. 
Before you apply them, let them warm up a bit. Just lightly press them against your lips for few seconds and then start applying. It take couple second to warms up and then applies super smoothly. 

Fairy Girl recently changed the formula on them , So the collection I was sent is the new formula, So compared to other two lipsticks I got before, the new ones glide on more smoothly and more easier. 

All lipsticks are cruelty free and vegan.
Made with :
* Organic Cocoa Butter
* Organic Hawaiian Coconut Oi
* Organic Argan Oil
* Wild crafted Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil
* Organic Avocado Oil
* Organic Jojoba Oil
* Organic Castor Oil 
Full ingredients list can be found on Fairy Girl Website. 

All I say you must try them! I know they might be a bit pricey ($25) but Fairy Girl have a great promotions once in while. Then there is your chance to get few shades to try! 
I do highly recommend them! Plus they do taste and smell like chocolate ... you will; be licking your lips all day... just sayin :) 
Lipsticks can be purchase here.

Now swatches :) Enjoy!


  1. Monica, These are so pretty...I will have to break down and try then soon since everyone seems to love them. And the colors are all so lovely.

  2. Alez kolekcja! Wszystkie sa super! Przepiękne zdjecia Kochana! Buziaki

  3. Zdrowych, Wesołych Świąt! Dużo radości i uśmiechu. :-)



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