Green Celebration of St.Patrick's Day ~ Fragrances

Happy St.Patrick's Day Loves!
I can tell today will be lots of green going on! NYC streets every year are green and a lot of people celebrating St. Patrick's day. Even Empire State Building lights up green.
So for this occasion I am going to celebrate with green fragrances.
One is an actual  'green' Fragrance and the other two are packed in green bottles.

Lets start with my favorite out of three ~ DKNY Be Delicious (Green Apple)

Such a beautiful and fresh scent capture in adorable apple bottle. I really had a hard time to photograph this baby! The lid is like a mirror you can spy my phone if you look closely.
But anyways I love this bright and energetic scent! I first I thought it will be more like apples but well its not! The notes that my nose picks up the most are cucumber and magnolia :) And these together are amazing! This will make my go to spring / summer fragrance. Definitely you guys need it.
TOP ~ Grapefruit, Cucumber, Magnolia
HEART ~  Apple, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose, Violet
BASE ~ White Amber, Woods

Now the other two. I will admit I had hard time to review it. I was not a fan of either one. But, I am happy to have them in my collection.

Dior ~ Poison

Luxurious oriental, warm, spicy, balsamic scent. before getting it I read reviews and everyone seems to love it. For me this is way to heavy. Vintage scent. It launched in 80's and women around the world love it. Poison is sweet, dark and mysterious like picking berries in the midnight woods. It lasts forever. I mean forever! I sprayed on my wrist and 24h later I can still smell it. This perfume is a classic and having in my collection is fantastic.
TOP ~ Coriander, Pimento, Plum,Anise, Mace, Rosewood, carnation
Heart ~ Rose, Tuberose, Ylang -Ylang ,Cinnamon, Jasmine, Lily of the valley
BASE ~ Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk, VAnilla,Heliotrope

 Jessica Simpson ~ Fancy Nights

Again another miss for me. Oh I wish to love them but I cant :( Fancy Nights is really heavy woody oriental scent. Some people say that is a almost perfect dupe for Prada Amber. The bottle is gorgeous! Green with all the gold decorations =, breathtaking :) This can make prefect winter perfume coz fragrance is really strong. Opens up with patchouli note that dries down to musky vanilla scent. Last pretty long too . I wore it twice and twice I got headache... I guess my head and nose don't like something it in
TOP ~ Bergamot, Papyrus
HEART ~ Patchouli, Rose, Night Blooming Jasmine
BASE ~ Vanilla, AMber, Sandalwood, Oakmoss

I can highly recommend both if your a fan of woody oriental fragrances. They are made for specific people, sadly I am not one of them :( I will though try to work with them and maybe use them as a base for other perfumes I own and see if I can make something. 

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