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Hi Loves,

Ok, I am so happy that I was include in Bloggers Box send form Ricky's NYC. Woohoo, OMG all the goodies I got to test out are amazing! Completely Bare was one of the products I got.
So I got:
* Completely Bare Moisturizing No Bumps Shave Gel
* Completely Bare Facial Hair Removal Cream
* Completely Bare All in One Travel Wax Kit

I been loving the no bumps shave gel. It gives incredibly close shave. I been using it on my legs, underarms and bikini :) It works great. Feels really soft once you apply on the area you wish to shave. It does contains beads that melts once you massage them into the skin. The gel is clear and don't leather as much as your typical shave cream would, which I do like :) Shaving is really easy and I didn't cut  myself not even once. and the bumps I always get right under my knee... well didn't see them at all :) it have a nice fresh scent. My skin felt so smooth after shaving :) Love it!
Plant and floral extract helps condition and smooth skin. Special blends of essential oils create protective moisture barrier of long lasting hydration. Chamomile extract helps smooth skin and prevent irritation. I can say this is the best shave gel I ever tired! 
Available at Ricky's NYC 
Price : $8.99

I was also excited for All in One Travel Wax kit. It includes : 1.7 oz body balm, 12 face strips, 6 bikini strips, 2 completely off towelettes. 
Now, to be honest I don't really need to use face strips or face removal cream. Except for eye brows I don't have any hair that need to be taken care off. Too bad I cant use it on my eye brows. Anyways I think The Facial Hair Removal Cream and Facial Strips might go to my mom ( I dunno if she will need them or not ), because I really have no use for them and I don't; want them to lay around.
with that said I like the idea of the Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor, formulated to reduce hair density, growth and length. For best results apply twice a day on area where you wish to inhabit hair growth. Its smells really good, light clean scent of lemongrass and green tea. i been using it for a week and so far preforms great. Hair grows slightly slower then usual. I really want to get full size of this product to test it more out and see if it really does work if use longer. 
I will tell you I am such a chicken when it comes to waxing! I tried one and no more! painful!
But I really like the bikini strips :) Super easy to use and not as painful. 
I think the wax kit is a great buy :) 
get it form Ricky's NYC
Price : $12.99


  1. I love the new look of your blog! These products sound interesting to me because I hate shaving!

    1. Omg me too! But you need to try that shaving gel. It is freaking amazing! I like the strips too but the gel is so.much better

  2. I should try Facial Hair Removal Cream:) Hate to say it :))


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