Bluemercury's M-61 Skin Care ~ SuperSoothe E Makeup Remover and Vitablact C Scrub and Mask

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M-61 skin care brand that offers large selection of natural cosmetic products. All products are carefully formulated and that development ream has gone to great lengths to leave out over 100 ingredients that are beloved to give negative effect on the skin heath. 
M-61 line was created by Bluemercury co-founder Marla Beck.
All products can be only purchased at M-61 website, Bluemercury website and stores. 
Products are made without parables, sulfates and synthetic fragrances. 

I have 3 products form M-61 line but I will be writing only about two of them . The third one I got recently and I didn't have time to try it yet.

so lets start with Makeup Remover, which been one of my go to removers for past few months. It is gentle and very effective. While using it I really like to concentrate on my eye makeup the most. I soak a cotton round and gently press onto my eyes to soften the mascara and eye shadows by padding it .Sometimes I get carried away and I start rubbing it and with that I sometimes loose lashes.... Yeah not good. B ut with this one even if I rub to much I don't see any lashes missing. Which is great but I better don't do that in the future...
anyways the makeup remover is great. I haven't notice any burning sensation once it accidentally gets to my eyes. And that happens too sometimes. It cleanse my makeup well and leaves my skin refreshes. The Vitamin E nourishes the skin, while Aloe, Licorice root and cucumber cool the skin. Plus with the price point you can go wrong! 
Price $12 ----> get it here.

Next we have Vitablast C Scrub and Mask ~ amazing 2 in 1 product. this hybrid mask/scrub helps to get rid off any impurities from your skin. Deep cleanses my pores and leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh looking. Gentle non-irritating formula powered by Vitamin C, papaya with gallic acid and natural amber powder help soften and smooth the skin, polish away dead skin cells and help to achieve radiant complexion. Vitamin E and seabuckthorn protects the skin form environmental stressors while natural passionflower and yacon provide additional soothing and calming.
massage in circular motion on my skin for a minute, then I rinse it off with warm water. I try to use it at least 3 time a week :)  But I must say my skin feel and it looks better. Love the scent of it.
Price : $44 -----> get it here.


  1. I am always looking for great makeup removers and this one just might be my next product to try! Thanks for such a great review! xoxo


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