Skin Care Routine with OSEA Malibu

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I recently discovered another great skin care products. They are by OSEA Malibu.
OSEA stands for Ocean, Sea, Earth and Atmosphere. They are natural skin care line which are based on sea ingredients. One of the main ingredients is seaweed, which is beneficial to the skin and it can replace minerals missing in the diet.

I been using OSEA products for past few weeks and I really been enjoying them. 
Products I been send are:
* Ocean Cleansing Mudd
* Blemish Balm
* Essential Corrective Complex
 As you can see all that your skin needs. 

I start night time routine with Ocean Cleaning Mudd. the base of this cleaner is a blend of seaweeds that are highly concentrated in minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and vitamins that serve to remove dead cells and purify clogged pores. With the hint of Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil to brighten and refreshed complexion. I massage it into my face or I use my Soniclear to wash my face with it. You can feel it working right away. It deep clean my pores and kept my acne on bay. After I rinse off my skin felt so good! Refreshed and clean. I was so happy it didn't irritate my skin! The tea tree and Peppermint oils makes my skin tingling and refreshes. It comes in glass bottle. Heavy duty glass bottle but just be careful not to break it. It does have a pump. I love then cleansers comes with pumps, they always pump out enough product you need :) The first thing you will notice is just how strong the scent is! If you are not fan of peppermint you will not like this one. 

When I'm done with cleaning my face I follow with Blemish Balm. Light, non greasy moisturizer that heals blemishes and gently hydrating without clogging pores. It reduces inflammation and prevents breakouts with powerful blend of natural ingredients. Contains OSEA's proprietary trio of organic seaweeds and healing blend of Cypress, Jupiter and Rosemary Oils, known for their antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Lightweight formula absorbs into the skin fast.  I really been enjoying this balm. After using t for few days I notice redness gone and my acne was less visible. I do like to use it nighttime the most. for my morning routine I reach for different moisturizer. Again you have here very strong scent. So if you are sensitive to it I suggest to stay away. I personally   love it and for me it feels really refreshing, comes in a glass bottle with a nice working pump.

At the end I like to apply Essential Corrective Complex. A pure blend of botanical and essential oils. Non drying acne treatment that heals blemishes and prevent scarring. Contains blend of Tea Tree, Jupiter and White Thyme oils which have a natural, powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. 
I use this on areas that I break out or on pimples that coming out. It does help me keep them at bay. Its a spot treatment and I feel like it does a really great job with my acne. And that is what I need a really good spot treatment. It comes in a glass with roller ball applicator. 

Overall I really been enjoying OSEA skincare line. I really looking forward to trying more products too. If you have acne problematic skin I suggest to give it a try :) But just warning you the scent is really strong.
OSEA skincare can be purchase at their website.


  1. Do you know if they're based in Malibu? I always like to support local businesses!

    COLLEENWELSCH.COM | An LA Lifestyle Blog

    1. Hi Colleen , I am not sure but you can ask them if they have any local store or spa :)

  2. Beautiful post my dear! NEW POST

  3. Have never heard of that brand before would love to give it a try!
    Chloe xx

  4. "Cleansing mudd" sounds interesting :D

  5. Such a great post. All products look soo good. :)

    I am following you, so check my blog and follow me back. :) You hve 3 days. :)

  6. Awesome products! Thanks for sharing your routine!

    Have a great weekend!



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