My Brow Products including Freedom Makeup, IT Cosmetics, Pixi Beauty, Jordana, Catrice and Mirabella

I know I know Brows are so on trend right now and everyone have them on a fleek.  Brows are important, they frame face and they give face expression. I didn't care much for eyebrows years ago. I got into makeup lets say maybe 3-4 years ago and I start paying more attention to my browns 2 years ago. Why so late you ask. Well I didn't like myself with a bold, filled in brows LOL I kinda looked weird. But once I start filling them in everyday I notice that people were telling me that I look great and asked what new did I do? Well brows DUH! 
I have few brow products and I want to show you it and tell you more about it too. Are your ready? 
also let me put it up at front some  products were sent to me and some I purchased myself :)

Let me start with a product that I am simply obsessed and I am grateful I have such a good friend who got this for me. I am talking about Freedom Makeup EverBrow pomade. I have to day huge thank you to Dorota my UK bestie who got this baby for me. I have to admit I was neglecting this product for so long. To be honest I was scared that this would be to bold for me and I would look weird LOL. But I ended up loving it. A lot f people say this is a great dupe for ABH dip brow pomade. I don't own ABH but If they are dupes then well spend your money on Freedom's Everbrow pomade. My browns never looked better. I am not a pro but this pomade is so easy to use and it will make your brows stand up. So far this is my holy grail product. Gel like formula, color payoff is amazing and t will last the whole day without the budge. This little gem is a must have for sure. I have my in shade Blonde which is cooler ashy blonde and matches me and my brows perfectly. To apply I use Sonia Kashuk angled brush and then spoolie.

Second amazing product is IT Cosmetics Brow Power in Universal shade. Retractable pencil, packaged in a twist up tube. One one side we have our pencil shade and on other we have a spoolie. I think that a brow pencils are the best options for beginners. They are so easy to use. The Universal shade is prefect for every one. Apply lighter, softer strokes for light color payoff (blondes), press harder for darker color payoff (medium brown black hair). The oval tip makes it really easy to fill in your brows. One two three and you out the door.

Another pencil that I have in my brow collection is by Pixi Beauty. Their Endless Brow Gel Pen is really nice as well. I did mention this pencil before in a post so I just send you over there, click here.

Now lets move in to powders. I have three in total but I will talk about two because I can't find my Milani one anywhere.
Let's start with Jordana Brow Powder Duo. This one my very first brow product I purchased. I Have my in shade light and it was using the heck out of it for past two years. and guess what I didn't hit pan yet! Small little grey plastic box comes with two shades (one lighter one darker) and a dual ended mini brush. I lost my brush but to be honest it was not that good. Like I said I like my Sonia Kashuk Angled brush for my gel and powder products. This Jordana brow powder was mu go to for a really long time. I only used the darker shade tho. The lighter was too warm and well it didn't match me at all. What I like the most about it is that it is inexpensive and works really good giving a natural looking brows.

My second brow Kit is one from Catrice. I got it recently and I been living it. Probably more then Jordana one. This one comes with two powders as well. I do find them better then Jordana though. I like to mix both together to get the desire color. The kit also comes with a mini tweezers and dual ended mini brush. They are so adorable bit I never found myself using it. Also the packaging on Catrice kt is much more sturdy then on Jordana's. I like both but If I had to choose I would got with Catrice. Both are super affordable.

My last product is also fairly new to me It is by Mirabella Beauty and their Quick Brow. And it is indeed quick. I have my in shade Light/Medium. I kinda eh on the shade i dunno I don;t see myself with it LOL. Or maybe that's just me. Quick Brow is a powder product that comes in a tube. The brush is rounded and wide, with only one swipe voila! your brows are filled. You really don't need anything else/ That's what I love about it. Easy and fast! Just wish for bigger shade range. Overall I love to apply/mix with other brow products :)

How about you ladies? How many brow products do you own and which are your faves?
By the way I found this awesome article on how to fill your eyebrows. Detailed information and video tutorial on how to fill your brows, Check it out!

starting from top :
* first two are Jordana
* another 2 are Catrice
* Freedom Pomade
*Pixi Endless Penil
* It Cosmetics Pencil
* Mirabella Quick Brow 


  1. Ciężko jest znaleźć idealny produkt do brwi ;)

    1. jest ciezko, jak narazie bardzo sie polubilam z farbka z freedom makeup

  2. Również używam cieni z Catrice i również można powiedzieć, że je miksuję, ponieważ po wypełnieniu brwi kredką, nakładam jaśniejszy odcień, później dokładam ciemniejszy, a pęsetka z zestawu moim zdaniem nie nadaje się do regulowania brwi, dlatego też jej nie używam :) :)

    1. ja zostawilam pesetke w tej szufladce, ta paletka od catrice jest dojsc dobra :)

  3. Kurdę czy tylko ja nic z brwiami nie robię ? :D chyba zacznę hihi

  4. Właśnie też się zastanawiam nad kupnem tej pomady z Freedom :)


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