Skindinavia Oil Control Makeup Primer Spray and Makeup Finishing Spray ~ review

Did you ever try a products and from the first use you knew you won't be able live without? 
That's how I feel about skindinavia Makeup Sprays. 
Within days both became a must haves in my makeup routine. 
We all know and heard of makeup finishing sprays but primer spay, well that is something new. I usually use regular primers like the ones in the tube. Primer spray was totally new experience for me. 

First off I been seeing skindinavia all over YT and IG. Every blogger raves about it . So You probably think if the hype is real? Well in my opinion it is :) 

I have few finishing sprays in my makeup stash but none come close to skindinavia. Don't get me wrong I still will reach for others but skindinavia is my number 1. 

I have oily skin and these two sprays with oil control are a life savers.Love how lightweight they are. They don't feel sticky when dry.  Both gives me a matte finish. 

The oil control primer spray i use after my morning routine. After I apply my daily moisturizer I spray my face with primer spray. After it dries I go over with my foundation and rest of the makeup. You can or not use a primer after. All depends on you. I did tried that once but I like the spray primer on its own. Oil control primer keeps my foundation in place and most importantly it applies it flawlessly. 
After I am done with my makeup I reach for oil control finishing spray to set everything in. 
I tell you I see a huge difference! But only when I use both. they do work like magic. One time I used only primer spray and forgot to use the finishing spray (running late does that to you). and wow I didn't not like the makeup on my face. It was just mehhh,... But with the finishing spray brings it all together. Looks more flawless, even and beautiful. Well i do feel more beautiful when using it. 

Another plus is that it helped me with Milani Foundation. I bought Milani foundation  not long time ago and I swear I wanted to return it. I just couldn't make it work. I tried with other primes and it was just no no. Then I said to myself let me try with these babies. And you know what ?! it actually worked. 
The foundation went on smoothly and evenly. Since both have oil control, oil on my face didn't show up until 4 - 5pm. and that's awesome! When I use them wit matte foundations and powders I stayed matte throughout the day. 


* There is no fragrance to it. I personally don't mind if there is or not a fragrance. 
* The nozzle sprays fine mist tat covers your face amazingly and you don't have to worry you spray too much. 
* My foundation stays in place the whole day. I used to see it separate from my t zone and around my nose. Nothing with that. I am super pleased with that. 
* It controls excess oil
* Its oil, paraben and silicone free. 


* for some price

So I have a discount for you :) check below and now you can get your own amazing sprays :) Trust me they are a life changer!

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  1. This spray sounds amazing and I love how you given detailed description of it. I don't normally use a primer, but I think it's time to start using one as it makes a huge difference! Also, I love that it has no fragrance.


  2. I am dying to try this out! I have oily skin and live in a humid tropic country so mattifying products are a must in my routine.

  3. The only setting spray I've ever tried is the Urban Decay one but I would definitely like to widen my horizons so might have to check this brand out soon. They sound great x

    Beauty with charm

  4. They sound amazing! :D I have to try this!
    Awesome blog! I'm following you! Follow back?***


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