Allegory Story Lip Products ~ Review and Swatches

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Allegory Story is a vegan and cruelty free company  based in NYC :) And they make fabulous lip products! 

They first launched with lip glosses :) and Holly Molly their glosses are amazing! They are super pigmented, glossy and non sticky! There is 7 shades total and you can choose if you want pink or blue caps :) Definitely mix and match them , than you have have a little bit of both. On the cap you can see holographic clouds which are super cute. Allegory Story was kind enough to send me both pink and blue caps :) To be honest I don't know which color I like more heheh :)

So let me tell you a bit of the glosses. They are not like any other glosses I tried. I was really surprised  how pigmented they are! When you think lip gloss you think something sparkly or sheer. No Allegory Story brings glosses on a  new level! Once applied they don't feel sticky at all. They are not drying or thy wear off easily. I say that can stay up to few hours ( just limit licking you lips and well foods and drinks and you be good LOL).


Shades in the collection:
* Botticelli ~ beige nude (allegory of Spring)
* Eve's Apple ~ true red with blue undertones (refers to allegorical biblical story of Adam and Eve. Allegory for Temptation and Sin)
* Faerie Queen ~ pastel pink. The Faerie Queen is an English novel. Represents allegory of Queen Elizabeth I.
* Lady Una ~ hot pink. Lady Una is a main character in English poem The Faerie Queen. Lady Una is meek,humble and beautiful, but strong when necessary. She represents the Truth. 
*Plato's Cave ~ medium brown. Plato's Cave is a reference to allegorical work by Plato, Greek philosopher.
* Primavera ~ soft, shimmery peachy-coral. Primavera is also known as a Allegory of Spring, painting by Italian artist Sandro Botticelli. 
* Wonderland ~ soft lavender purple.Wonderland is a reference to famous novel, Alice Adventures in Wonderland. Wonderland is consider a political allegory, with Wonderland symbolizing the country of England, that is ruled tyrannically by Queen of hearts (allegory of Queen Victoria)
They retail for $15 each and they are worth it you guys! 

The second products launched by company were liquid matte lipsticks. All nude or nudish shades which I love! Omg one of the best liquid lipsticks on the market. Lipstick in Self-Portrait is my absolute favorite. When i got them I could not put it down. I wore it for two weeks straight. I wore lipsticks the whole day and I had reapply only once! Just once! The formula is amazing, they dry to matte finish and they don;t feel drying. Very comfortable to wear. 
Here as you can see the cap is black and it still contains holographic clouds :) tube have a matte look to it :)

 (from the top : The Lion, Orwell, Self-Portrait)
Shades available in the MATTE Range are:
* Self Portrait ~ dusty mauve pink. The name refers to painting called Self Portrait as the Allegory of Painting by Italian artist Artemisia Gentileschi. 
* Orwell ~ soft brown nude. About the name; George Orwell's novel Animal Far, tells a story of an animals on the farm as a Political Allegory of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and the Communist Revolution in Russia. Animals represent the greed and corruption of the revolution while showing how those in power can change ideology of a nation.
* The Lion ~ warm terracotta brown. The Lion refers to famous novel by C.S. Lewis The Lion, The Witch and Th wardrobe. The story is a religious allegory drawing parallels to religious ideology with the lion, Aslan as a Christ like figure who rises for the dead.
Each lipstick costs $ 17

The last and most recent launched by the company were metallic lipsticks. Oh metallic lipsticks are so fun and so metallic! They do have a different scent then than glosses and matte lipsticks. These babies are peppermint scented! and no don't worry the scent is not overwhelming.  Now moment of truth these are my first metallic lipsticks :) and I love them. I wore Verity twice and its so pretty on! I just have to make myself look matte before applying coz shiny lips and shiny me don't look well hahah! no, but for real I like it. Just like a matte lipstick these wear pretty long and don't feel crazy drying.

The shades I have are:
* Verity ~ deep bronze with metallic finish. Verity is an allegory for Truth and Justice.
* OZ ~ Soft metallic gold. As you can guess it refers to Wizard of Oz and following the yellow brick road... 
they come in a limited edition silver packing and retail for $17

The company will be sending me two new reds: Bacchus (Matte) and Inferno (Metallic). Really can't wait. I saw swatches on IG and I love them already! :)

By the way. If you thinking of purchasing anything. Follow them on IG and keep checking website for deals. They have so many great deals that will ave your $$$!
Direct link to website here.


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