Beauty Favorites 2017 ~ February

hello March, Hello my birthday month! Omg can you believe we are in 3rd month already!? 
February being a short month went by super fast. My job keeps me constantly busy so I have no time to write a new posts LOL. I used to sit at my desk, take a piece of paper and start writing. Oh well what can I do? 
I have few favorites for you :) Last year I have not post many faves posts so this year as one of my new year resolution is to bring them every month :)

So here we go :) there is a mixture of makeup, skin care and hair care :)


I be honest I didn't have many favorites this month in makeup category. I been using most of the products from past month. I did not have much time to play with anything new.  I did ended up pulling few gems that i will mention right now :)
 * Benefit Cosmetics Cheekathon Face Palette ~ I am so happy I bought it. It contains full size , yes full size of their best sellers like Hoola, Dandelion, Rockateur, Dallas and Coralista. This palette is so great and god it smells so good once you open it up! I been using Hoola and Dandelion the most! I have to check other ones too but these two are amazing! BTW did you see all the new products Benefit is dropping! like another palette similar to this one and Dandelion Twinkle? I so exctied for both!
* Pixi Beauty It's Judy Time Eye Shadow Palette ~ I am completely  blown away by all the collabs that pixi did! I love Judy's palette! the color selection, the pigmentation everything! Compared to the other eye shadows i own from Pixi this is by far the best one :)  Perfect for everyday look and guys if you see it get it! (pr sample)
* Pixi Beauty Glow-y Powder in London Lustre ~ holy smokes! this highlight is gorgeous! I am obsessed! It is very suitable for my fair skin and gives me beautiful glow! I been using it every day i mean it every day :) Hopefully I can put it aside and try other highlighters I have in my stash :) Lets see hahaha but this one Ahhh i am in love! good job Aspyn and Pixi! (pr sample)

* L'oreal Infallible Lip Paints ~ Now they are pretty expensive for a drugstore lipstick. I got them on 40%off sale and still I pay around $7. Anyways I wanted to try ever since i saw them popping all over IG. I picked two nude shades. and guys I like them :) I don't think i will get any others but if I ran out of any of this I will definitely repurchase. The have a good coverage with shiny finish. They feel like balm and actually hydrate my lips :) I really like them :)

NOTE: i will have a full post on all Pixi Collabs very soon. i was not happy with the pics I took and I have to re take all LOL . #bloggerproblems 


* Pixi Beauty Caroline's Double Cleanse ~ yes another Pixi product! This double cleanse is amazing! plus it saves time taking off the makeup :) We it did for me :) one side is solid oil and the other is cleansing balm. Go first with oil that melts off everything so easy and than go over with cleansing balm :) Definitely a must have in a skin care routine. (pr sample)
* Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub ~ guys I totally forgot I have this guy! lately I saw it all over IG and I was like "hey I think i have something by the brand!" I opened my drawer and there it was :)  It smells really good and gosh my face feels so good after :) I want to bring you up closer and there will be a full post dedicated to this scrub very soon :)
* Sunday Riley U.F.O Clarifying Face Oil and Martian Mattifying Toner ~  again these two will get a post on their own coz I have a lot to say :) Oily, prone skin friendly and overall i am pleased with them :) Ever since I got them They been staple in my skin care. For someone with oily skin this is a must have.  (pr sample) stay tuned for post :)
* Way of WILL Natural Deodorant ~ not precisely a skin care but well here we go a deodorant :) I liked it I really did. That's why I mention it here. But then one day I got burned! I don't know if it was this particular deodorant or something else. I disconnected using all products I used that day. It might not be its fault but still it took part of the burn that happened under my arms. Before it felt amazing. refreshing (that peppermint scent) I felt like my underarms were dry and not sweaty. I think it is a really good product. Its just that accident made me be afraid of using it again hahah silly me. But if you look for a good natural deodorant check this one out :)


*Sexy Long Hair Dry Luxe Shampoo and  detangler ~ both are amazingly good! Dry shampoo helped me out the week I was sick (I didn't wash my hair for almost a week). When you sick You don't really take care much of your hair. Or if you like me and had fever (small) for 5 days you don't want to wash your hair. Thank god we have dry shampoos! oh and how I like this one! It gave my hair a boost of freshness and they looked great! It didn't leave any white cast on my hair which is a plus. The Luxe detangler helped a lot along with Eva's dry conditioner my daughter hair. Her hair is a mess! I don't know where she gets all the knots! but its so painful even for me to brush it through. Luxe detangler sprays cream on the hair to makes it brush easy and it does! the brush goes on smoothly and to brush out the knots takes few minutes. (pr sample)
* EVA NYC  Forget me Knot dry detangler ~ I love this stuff and I been recommending to everyone who ask me how to brush kids knots with out the struggle! One of the mommies at my daughter school she love this stuff. We always talk when we bring our kids to school and she said that she have a difficult time to brush her daughter hair. I told her about this and even brought one day with me :) I remember she was searching for it online and she found a great sale ($7 each reg. $14) and bought 3 bottles! I am actually running low on my and I have to repurchase it again :)  (pr sample)
* L'oreal Color Vibrancy Hair Mask ~  hair masks are a huge staple in my hair routine. I always always have to put a hair mask at the end of washing. Recently I been send this one by Influenster and I love it so much that I bought another one! It is creamy and it makes my hair so soft ! after using it few times I notice that my hair are less dry and more silky! sometimes you find gems in drugstore :) (pr sample)


* KBShimmer Office Space Collection Take Back CTRL ~ love the formula of KBShimmer polishes :) This color though! Gorgeous dusty rose on mauve side. Cant wait to post the swatches of the whole collection :) Bare with me! I have a lot of posts coming this month :) (pr sample)
* Dip Into Pretty City Lights ~ halo glitter :) what more can I say :) This one need at least two -three coats. I really like it! Looks great with any nail color :) Plus super inexpensive :) (pr sample)


  1. same fajne rzeczy :) obserwuje i pozdrawiam :)

  2. Paletka róży i bronzerów kusi :D

  3. Ah you've got so many fab favourites, love the look of that Pixi highlighter and eyeshadow palette, very pretty!

    The Makeup Directory

  4. This is am amazing many great products!! I also love the way you photographed everything!!!!! My wish list is really long now!!!!!

  5. I've been loving those Pixi products too. Such a great brand, their products always impress me.

    Thirteen Thoughts

  6. Wspaniałe kosmetyki! Spodobała mi się paletka i jej kolorki ^^

  7. Bardzo ciekawa gromadka ulubieńców! W oko wpadła mi w szczególności paleta cieni Pixi, przepiękne zestawienie kolorystyczne!


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