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I am So excited about this post :) Pixi Beauty just launched a Spring Collection that was created by beauty and lifestyle bloggers :) Annnnd Pixi just opened up a flagship store in Cali! OMG! first ever Pixi Store! God I wish we get one here in NYC too! Congrats on the store and this beautiful collab Petra! 
So like I said the Spring Collection was created in collaboration with popular beauty and lifestyle  bloggers: Caroline Hirons, Judy Travis (itsjudytime), Maryam Maquillage (marymanyc) and Aspyn Ovard. 
Each of the ladies sit down with Petra and with her guidance they created their dream products for us :) 

A few weeks ago I got this huge PR package with all the new products. I actually screamed when I saw it. Guys it is HUGE! I was so excited to try everything! Guys I knew I will keep the box (duh who would throw it away?!?) so all day Saturday I was cleaning my makeup place. After more less 4h later I got everything organized and the box sits now on my Alex looking all pretty :) I pull out all the products and move them to my vanity drawer so I could use them :) 

you can see below before and after on my makeup space :) 

So now let me tell you more on each product and each collaboration :)

Let's start with Judy Travis. She is also known as ItsJudyTime on YouTube. I met Judy at NYC Pixi Event October 2016 and she is sooo sweet! I love watching Judy's YT and I was so excited for this collaboration. I have a BH Cosmetics palette that Judy created with BH years ago! Do you guys remember it? So seeing that now she created a new ItEyeTime palette and ItsLipTime palette with Pixi I was thrilled! Each palette comes with 12 shades. 
Eye shadow palette have a mixture of mattes and shimmer shades. Its a warm tones hue-ed palette prefect for everyday. Colors feel silky smooth and they blend like a dream. Top two rows are warm , third have the mauve hues and the bottom have a cool-toned darker shades. This palette is just beautiful. Love the eye looks I created with it. Now I don't know how is they staying power without the eye shadow  base LOL. I been using ArtDeco's primer based for a few weeks now and you guys nothing will ever move of your eyelid. This base hold eye shadows the whole day. But maybe I can tell you more of in my ArtDeco post soon :) Just heads up you need that base! 
 Second palette is a lip palette. Also includes 12 everyday lip and cheek shades. They can me worn by itself or you can mix them up and created your prefect color. I personally will use it as a lip palette only. Again the color section in this palette is just beautiful. We have light neutral shades, we have mauves , reds and darker colors :)  

 Message From Judy explaining why she created these two palettes : " I travel quite often and typically bring minimal makeup, which is why I love palettes," Travis says. "I like having a variety of colors to choose from without packing so many products in my makeup bag. "

Next we have Aspyn Ovard a lifestyle blogger. Too be honest I have never heard of Aspyn until this collaboration. After that I look more into her presona and learned more about her :) 
Aspyn who likes to keep her makeup to minimum  created a trio of face products to add just a bit of flush with out looking overdone. 
The Glow-y Powder Highligher & Cheek Powders, come in three shades named after her favorite destinations :
* London Lustre ~ soft icy - golden highlighter
* Santorini Sunrise ~ warm champagne highlight
* Rome Rose ~ shimmery rose-hued blush.
Her collection also includes an eye accents : lower lash mascara and clear brow gel.
I love the formula on the Glow-y Powders. The pigmentation is just right!  They look gorgeous! the blush and the champagne highlight are my favorite! 

Message from Aspyn explaining why she created these products: " The products I made are products I would purchase myself," Aspyn tells Allure. "I love beauty and makeup, but I'm not super crazy about trying a lot of new different products, so I chose to create my Eye Accents Kit since I believe both those products are essentials. And then I love a strong pretty highlight and a peachy blush, so I created those as well." But her fave in line? "The Lower Lash Mascara! I use it every day on my upper and lower lashes—the small brush separates my lashes really well. "

Next we have Maryam Maquillage. I did not meet Maryam but I saw her at the NYC Pixi Event. Again I had no idea who she was. I mean I don't have to know all Beauty Bloggers right? After the event I found on IG few beauty bloggers and followed them :) I really like what they do! LOL I could do it faster right hahaha! Anyways .... Maryam also known as maryamnyc, created two sculpting/contouring palettes:
* The Strobe & Bronze Glow & Bronze palette
* The Strobe & Sculpt Highlight & Contour palette 
There is also the dual ended brush to go with the palettes :) And the brush is amazing!Both palettes are just as amazing as well. Both come with 6 shades matte and shimmers. They are so pigmented!

Message from Maryam explaining why she created these products : " I really love all three products and cannot live without them because the shades are curated for every occasion in which I want to feel bronzed, glowing, chiseled or all of the above," she says. "We made sure that the powders are packed with pigment, so that all you need is a tiny bit of product for major results " 

The last we have Caroline Hirons and the double cleanser! I met Caroline at that Pixi Event :) She is sooooo sweet! Also when Petra came over to us and introduced herself and Caroline she said Caroline is responsible for popularity of Glow Tonic :) She made that stuff popular and now its a cult product for many bloggers and not only. 
Caroline created with Pixi Double Cleanse :) Which I was super excited about :)  And GOD I love it. I need a back up of a back up seriously! I heard that all the products are limited edition but I hope and pray for them to be permanent especially the cleanser! 
Double Cleanser is paraben free, fragrance free and not tested in animals. It comes with two sides Solid Cleansing Oil and the other side Cleaning Cream. 
First I use the Solid Cleaning oil to take off my makeup, and it does it so well! than I follow with the cream. I love it. It feels gentle and it didn't break me up :) 

The oil side contains :
* Vitamin E ~ protect and condition 
* Cameillia Oil ~ omega rich and nourishes 
* Evening Primrose oil ~ heals and moisturizers 

The cream side contains:
* Vitamin C ~ promotes collagen and protects
* Peptide Complex ~ Line relaxing and plumping
* Arginnie ~ Improves cell renewal and elasticity.

Message from Caroline explaining why she created double cleans : " I am known for cleansing properly—my first post back in 2010 was on cleansing, and it’s still one of my most popular ones," Hirons tells Allure. "The Double Cleanse can be used three ways: You can either use both steps in the evenings, step one followed by step two, or you can use just step two in the evenings if you aren’t wearing makeup, or you can use step two on its own in the morning. It takes literally two minutes if you’re in a hurry. No excuses! "

All mentioned products are available in Target , Target website and Pixi Store and Website 


  1. London Lustre is such a gorgeous color! And I love how you cleaned your makeup space. :)

    Michelle Morchella

  2. These palettes look so beautiful! I have never tried any Pixi makeup so I am now really intrigued to having seen these a lot on IG.
    I had the double cleanse on my shopping list as its such a nice idea and ideal for when I travel as I do a lot!
    Kelly xx



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