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Today I'm coming with different post nothing beauty related. Hope you will still enjoy reading it :)
I want to talk / write about Pure Leaf Tea. I received a bottle of this tea for free from  Influenster for a review.  Anyways the thing is I am a lover of anything tea and coffee related. After testing Pure leaf Tea i was totally hooked!its a great natural black tea. It does taste like a brewed tea and the plus is there so no color added and no preservatives and no artificial flavor! everything is real and natural. its brewed form real tea leaves with added sugar and some lemon to it. Really taste good , its not as sweet as i thought it would. Tip? Drinking it ice cold or over the ice!. There is a few flavor to choose from :

  • Unsweetened Ice tea
  • Sweetened Ice Tea 
  • Extra Sweet Ice Tea
  • Ice Tea with Raspberry
  • Iced Tea with Peach
  • Iced tea with Lemon
  • Green Tea with Honey 

If you a fan of tea like me, I recommend to try this one , you wont be disappointing. You can find n every grocery store for less then $2 for 18.5fl oz bottle.

Now a little bit of Pure Leaf:

In 2014, Pure Leaf's mission is to bring real food to all by supporting Wholesome Wave, a national nonprofit striving to create a more vibrant and equitable food system for everyone. Pure Leaf has already donated $100,000 to Wholesome Wave, and now we're asking fans to help donate an additional $50,000! For every like or share of this content, Pure Leaf will donate $1 to Wholesome Wave to help provide 100,000 pounds of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables for people in our communities.

To know more about them please visit :

Pure Leaf Website

Pure leaf facebook

Also you can share with them ur local Farmer's Market ! Just go find one near by , snap a picture with a Hashtag #loveofleaves and ur location geotagged  share it on ur social media ( instagra or twitter). Like they said for every photo you shared Pure Leaf will donate $1 to Wholesome Wave , plus you will find you picture on their map! its fan and plus you help a great cause!  

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