Fergie by Wet n Wild , NYX Cosmetics ~ Holiday Sets 2014

Happy Sunday!

Just want to do a quick post of Holiday sets I got this weekend.
Yes I am a makeup HOARDER ! haha and i don;t need help :) 
So its this time of the year (again) that all the great Holiday Sets starting to pop up at local drugstores. And lets be honest the Holiday Sets are amazing and you can always get it at great prices! way more affordable then if ever wanted to purchase it individually. You will have to spent more $$$. Plus in most Holiday Sets there is always One Limited shade that will not be available at permanent display, and they sell fast. So if you see something that you like better get it right away before its all gone! They won't be sitting and waiting for you till Holiday! :) Just saying :) Here is what i got. I;m still on hunt for more!
Wish me luck!

 Fergie Holiday Sets by Wet n Wild. 

I got two so far one lip stains  and eye set, both at great prices! 

The Fergie Limited Edition Vicious Varnish High Shine Lip Stain Collection
cost $5 and I got it at Walgreen's. If you ever wanted to buy separated each lip stains cost $3.49 and in this set you get 3 for $5. 
And the shades are:
* Ball in Vienna (pink one)
*Voguing Madness (red one)
*Legendary Face ( nude one )
all full sizes! (0.17 FL.OZ or 5.1 ML each!)

Fergie The Demure Dutchess For My Peep-ers! 
Its an eye kit and you will get :
* Full size Fergie eyeshadow 5 pan in Desert Festival
*Full size Turn  Up Volume Mascara 
*Full size On the Edge gel liner 
*Eyeliner Brush
*1 mini eyeshadow primer
*1 mini shimmer eyeshadow primer 
All for $10! also purchased at Walgreen's.  

NYX Cosmetics Eye Sets 

I bought 2 today at my local CVS for $14.99 each ( ULTA also sells them for $19.99!)

Love Set 01 C'est la Vie 

Comes with a eyeshadow palette,  Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and Boudoir Mascara La Amoureux. 

Love Set 02 Pardon My French 

comes with a eyeshadow palette, Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and  Boudoir Mascara La Amoureux. 

Here are some pictures! 


  1. Jak u Ciebie świątecznie już jest!

    Obie paletki NYX przygarnęłabym z przyjemnością. Bardzo w moim guście kolory!

    (Nie masz nic przeciwko pisaniu po polsku w komentarzach?)

    1. nie kochana! :) tez chce po polsku napisac ale corka chciala w gry grac i nie zdazylam , ale bedzie po polsku tez :)

  2. też bym chętnie przygarnęła;)

  3. Świetne zdobycze :) Podobają mi się kolorki tych pierwszych cieni.

    Obserwuję i pozdrawiam xoxo

  4. The wet and wild palette is really nice! !! Kisses

  5. Ten NYX najbardziej wpadł mi w oko ;)

  6. jakie piękne intensywne kolory :)


  7. Limitowanki z serii Fergie mają piękne kolory. ;]

  8. piekne kolory i juz poczulam nastroj swiateczny :)

  9. Nice collection of make up :-)

  10. Nice sets. Haven't had time to look at much yet :)

  11. Cienie NYX są cudowne :) Marzą mi się takie :)

  12. great sets and not pricey at all!


  13. the nyx palettes are gorgeous. we're definitely going to have to keep our eyes open for those!



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