Rimmel London Dare to go Bare collection ~ Swatches and Review

I'm so happy to blog about new Rimmel Lipsticks:) All thanks to my wonderful friend Ashley :) She was so kind and grabbed them all and send them over. Canada got them first. I guess, us beauty bloggers in USA have to wait for it to launch here. 

Rimmel London released some time ago a new line "Dare to go Bare" in collaboration with Kate Moss. The collection includes 5 nude lipsticks ( 4 shades available in Canada, I don't know how many we will get in US), lip balm and nail polishes. And since I don't have any nail polishes lets talk lipsticks :)

You can never have too many lipsticks, right? I love lipsticks. Nudes are my to go lippies. They suit me well and go with any makeup I do. Ever since I saw Instagram post on Rimmel London's page I knew I need to have them . 

I really like Rimmel lipsticks. The formula is really good. Really creamy and opaque. Good quality and most of all budget friendly. They do smell amazing, like all Kate lipsticks. And I don't mind when my lipstick smells I do enjoy it. 
New nudes are pretty long lasing. I apply right before I take off to work and by lunch time I still have it on my lips ( drinking and eating in between) and I talk about 6h. I reapply twice during the day. 
I been wearing each shade for the past week , just tell you how I feel about them. I think they are great! If you see the display definitely pick up number 45 and number 42. These are my favorites of all :) If you are really pale I believe number 40 will suit you. 
Definitely getting backups of #45 and  #42.
Also lets not forget about the cute packaging! Shaped as all other Kate lipsticks. Pretty Pastel peach with Kate signature on the cap. Sometimes I really don't know if I buy product just for the product or the packaging ... I think packaging sells me every time! hahaha. I think its a cute addiction to your collection , so get it! I really want to get the really dark lipstick, I think its number 48 but I don't know if we will get it in USA :( If not I will have to ask someone from UK to buy it for me :) 

Hey, I'm not done yet.There is an extra lipstick in the collection. Well its not a lipstick its a lip balm and it comes in white packaging. Even though I didn't use it yet I thought I mention it anyways. You supposed to moisturize your lips before applying. 

Also, Im working on a DUPE post. I might few lipsticks that a similar to these Rimmel ones :) Stay tuned should be up soon :)
Have you picked anything form this collection?


  1. Ja jakoś nie kupuję kosmetyków Rimmel, nie kręci mnie ta firma zbytnio... choć muszę przyznać, że kolorki bardzo w moim guście :)

  2. Faktycznie piękne nudziakowe odcienie, a jeśli jeszcze w dobrej cenie, to już ideał :D Moim kolorem byłby chyba nr 42 ;)

  3. Kate #14 is my all time favorite lipstick! I can't wait to get these!!!

  4. Też lubię Rimmel a to są akurat moje kolory! Zgadzam się że cena jest w porządku :)


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