Who don't love high-end beauty? And YSL in my opinion is not only a high-end but LUXURIOUS product. 
Luckily I was one of the chosen to review new YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer and Blur Perfector.
Exciting right?! I mean who wouldn't be? 
A little bit over a month ago I received an email form Influenster saying I will be getting YSL VoxBox. Free! Yes you heard that right, free. All I had to do is to give an honest review. 
If you didn't join Influenster then what are you waiting for! 
The Little black box came to me one Saturday afternoon. Yes I was stalking my window and when I saw a mailman I ran out and grabbed box from him .... Don't judge , I was excited :) 
Both products were packed neatly in a black tissue paper. Inside there was also a card with more information about both products. 

Lets start with YSL TOUCHE ECLAT BLUR PERFECTOR. This baby retails at $55 at Sephora. But is it worth the money and hype? Lets find out.
Blur Perfector comes in the most beautiful packaging. Baby pink with gold detailing. Inside there is a full size mirror. Its just so gorgeous! With only the packaging I feel like a million dollar :) So luxurious. It also comes with a small white sponge and black velvet pouch, with two pockets for compact and sponge. 
The product itself can be used three ways:
1). can be applied as a complexion corrector
2). finishing touch to complete  your makeup routine.
3). Mattyfing - touch-ups during the day.
It is a creme product, but once it touches the skin it transforms into powder. As for me I'm not a big on creme products. I find it hard to use. First because its hard for me to work it with brush. I feel like brush can pick up a bit too much or not enough. Second the sponge that it comes with gets dirty fast and its hard to keep it clean. Even if I put in the pouch, still gets dusty. Plus its not really hygienist, you should clean your brushes and sponges every week to keep the bacteria off. And with that sponge its not possible. Unless you buy new one ... every week ... 
The blur perfector worked well for me as a mattyfing powder. Right after I blot my face with a blotting paper... I don't know I always blot my face before I do any touch ups... I don't want to put all the oil back in the pan. Gross.... I apply it on my face with the sponge it comes with and felt smooth. Creme transforms into powder and blurred out and mattyfy my face easy. But then 2h after I had to repeat it again. I did like the feel of it o my skin. Once I used it as a primer, but it didn't hold my makeup long. It did blurred the pores on and around my nose. 
Overall , I don't think this product is worth the money and the hype. I'm sure I can get something better and less pricey. Still love the packing :)

YSL TOUCHE ECLAT BLUR PRIMER - also this baby is available at Sephora for $52 (1oz). I received sample size (.33oz).
This stuff is amazing! One of the best primers I used!Formulated with four nourishing oils, leaves skin super soft and with out the greasy residue. Its a gel/silicon formula. Inside you can see golden sparkles, which supposed to add radiant look to your skin. But the sparkles don't transform to the skin. The primer comes in small plastic bottle with gold cap and paddled handle for easy access and application (full size have a pump). It feels so smooth and so luxurious while I rubbed into my skin. I could do that all day, really it feels that good and soft. It made my foundation go on smoothly and it kept in place the whole day.Did a really good job blurring out my pores! Less more visible.
Love the primer more then the perfector.  I will cry once its gone!
My husband's cousin tried it too and she as well loved it :) I'm pretty sure she is going to buy full size hahah :)

Have you try any of the above products? what are your thoughts? 

Here are some makeup messes form my Instagram featuring both YSL products


  1. Jak te "złotka" pięknie wyglądają :D Szczęściara z Ciebie ;)

  2. Wspaniałe, luksusowe kosmetyki, gratuluję takiej współpracy:) Kiedy czekam na paczkę od kuriera, też się zachowuję jak Ty:P


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