Pixi Beauty Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes In Amethyst Aura and Aquamarine Dream ~ Swatches and Review

Let's add a bit of fresh color this Winter with these gorgeous Pixi Beauty palettes.
Both were send to me along with gray liner. 
I been wanting to try these palettes for a long time. The colors are so beautiful and they are inspired by gemstones. There is, I believe 9 different palettes. Me , as being a huge makeup hoarder I will be getting remaining palettes very soon :)
For now let me bring you up close and show you "Amethyst Aura" and "Aquamarine Dream'.
Lets start with "Aquamarine Dream" ~ I was so happy to see this palette. Not only it contains beautiful rage of blues (royal blues, navy and turquoise), but Aquamarine is my birth stone.So now you understand my excitement. The colors are indeed mesmerizing. These are prefect for blue and brown eyes. There are matte shades and the satin shades. the pigmentation is really good, especially on the satin/shimmery shades. I feel like with the matte shades you need to work a bit more.
"Amethyst Dream" ~ this contains a beautiful shades of violet, rose and indigo. This palette is prefect for green, hazel eyes. As for me I get more use of this one then the blue one. I really like purple hues in my makeup. I think purples and silver look stunning together.  

Both palettes contain 6 shades. The finish is matte, satin/shimmer. The pigmentation overall is really good. The matte shades need a bit more work. For a drugstore palettes , these are quite good. Applies over white base primer the shadows look really bold and beautiful. 
The come in a small, green plastic packaging with dual sponge applicator. The package make is easy to travel and to store. 

"Amethyst Aura"

"Aquamarine Dream"

Endless Silky Eye Pen in Slate Grey ~ I love these liners! They are waterproof, don't smudge and they are long wearing. with only one swipe you get a beautiful jewel-tone line. I like wear it on my upper waterline. The Endless Silky liners are the best liners I ever used. 

Pixi Beauty is cruelty free, paraben free, mineral oil free. 

Eye shadow palettes and Liner can be purchased at Target and Pixi Website. 

Did you ever try PIXI? Let me know :)


  1. niebieskie odcienie są piękne, takie mroźne ale piękne :D

  2. Ohh dear Monica! Love these palettes, especially the violet one ♡


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