Clinique Chubby Stick and Soft Matte Lipsticks review + swatches

Ladies, Spring is coming and after a long awaiting Summer. Time to rediscover or shop for some fun Spring/Summer lipsticks :) I have three to share with you. I got them recently form FragranceNet.Com. As you can say form a title of this post, they are by the brand Clinique. Brand loved by many, and as for me? I am discovering it now :) Better late than never, right?
I have to admit I am lusting after their Cheeky Blushes  and  new lipsticks, dang I forgot the name of them.But you know the new ones. Hope  will get them soon!

ANyways I been wearing all three lip colors last week and I am really impressed. Why didn't I try it earlier?
Let jump in so I can say few words of each lippie.

Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick #46 Matte Mandarin

 This is such a beautiful color! Very pigmented and opaque in one swipe. I didn't find it to be drying like some other matte lipsticks. Goes on smoothly and have a velvety feel. It is very bright, juicy orange. I think this will be prefect for summer time. I can already imagine myself on the beach, sipping margaritas :) Even tho its a bright orange, lipstick is very wearable. Comes in a metal tube. And it last long! very long. I applied it the morning, I had my coffee and nothing, didn't even budge. After lunch, yes it as coming off slightly. So I just wiped it off and reapply it. And it was on my lips till I got home. Not bad Huh?!
I really can wait till I get my tan back in the summer, coz right now it looks weird on me LOL. The color is gorgeous but I am just too pale.
FragranceNet.Com ---> $20.99 - 25% = $15.74

Chubby Sticks ~ These the opposite of matte lipstick. They are moisturizing lip colour balms. Hybrids between lip gloss and lip balm. They are wearable and feel moisturizing. So prefect for this year winter we have in NYC. The texture is soft and easy to apply. Best part, you don't have to sharpen them! Just twist the bottom and voila! Personally I hate when I have to sharpen anything...

"Pudgy Peony"

 beautiful bright cool toned pink. I admit when I first saw the tube I got scared. It looks like bright fuchsia pink! But once I apply to my lips it was nothing like the tube. Very pretty, sheer but buildable color. Me love it!
FragranceNet.Com ----> $36.99 - 25% = $27.74

"Heaping Hazelnut"

 Now this color I knew I will love, no matter what . It is described as a pale nude. For me it is beige-brown nude, perfect nude for my lips. Love to wear it and I wore this one a lot! even today when I went out, with no makeup. I just swipe it over my lips and I was out the door. -----> I think it out of stock now. 


  1. Tym razem żadna nie wpadła mi w oko ;)

  2. Ładne kolory ja mam odcienie Super Strawberry i Curvy Candy i również polecam :)

  3. myślałam po kolorze w opakowaniu, że ta fuksja będzie bardziej intensywna, a okazuje się, że taka bardzo średnia jest

  4. I must say I'm not really that in to Chubby Sticks, I think they are overpriced for what they are, but that matte lipstick looks amazing - yay to the pigmentation !! xx

  5. Nie jestem fanka Clinique, ale mam podobna kredke z Revlon, tylko w mocnym kolorze orange :)

  6. Love the chubby sticks. Woppin Watermelon is my favourite shade. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK


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