Marc Jacobs ~ Velvet Noir Mascara Review

The mascara I came to love at very first swipe on my lashes. 
I love trying new mascaras. Some I ended up loving some, hating.
Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir stole my heart. This is my very first product form Marc Jacobs makeup line, but not the last. 
Velvet Noir was inspired by Marc Jacobs memory of his mother shaving fibers form velvet ribbon to create her own faux lashes. 
This mascara claims to give a volume and sure it does it.. Formula is thick and coats lashes to give them extreme volume. Love the brush on it. Reminds so much of Too Faced Better Then Sex Mascara, which is also one of my favorites. Hourglass shaped can help you reach the "hard to reach"lashes. Really easy to work with. 
And can we talk about tube? Hexagonal shaped, easy to hold and it won't roll on you vanity. Tube is black and it have a Marc Jacobs printed in white on the bottom.. Very chic and classy!  Velvet Noir makes my lashes black, extremely black! which I love , the blacker the better :) 
I usually apply two coats. One coat makes my lashes stand up and the second makes them look like falsies. I tried apply third but it made my lashes a bit clumpy. Now, this mascara won't curl your lashes, I suggest going  with a eyelash curler, after mascara dries out or before, Whichever you prefer. 
I been using Velvet Noir daily and I been falling more in love with it I know I will need a backup of it for sure. Think I found my holy grail :).
If you are looking for volume then this mascara is for you
 you can purchase it at your local Sephora or Sephora Online for $26.

Look at this! Influenster featured my picture in their news later! how amazing this is! I had to save a copy of it LOL. Thanks Influenster, you guys made my day that day :)  

Disclaimer: This mascara was send to me by amazing Influenster for review. All thought are my own. 


  1. Ciekawe jak wygląda na rzęsach :D Bo na zdjęciach pięknie ;)

  2. Chciałabym zobaczyć efekt na rzęskach :)

  3. Everytime I read your page I see only an adorable things :-)


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