Gucci ~ "Guilty"

First I came across Gucci "Guilty" around three years ago. I saw them at my friends perfume plate. They caught my eye with their ,massive gold bottle. After spraying myself I was hooked. I wanted them right away. So my friend being super sweet got tme them for my birthday. I was so happy!
But yeah I love them so much and I was using them everyday. Yes EVERYDAY!  run out faster than I thought! One day browsing website I stumble on them on They had them and thy had them cheaper then Sephora or any other retailer! Yay! My lucky Day!
And now I am a proud owner of another Gucci "Guilty"..again.

After reading reviews on it  wonder why so many people don't like it.  I think it is really nice perfume for evening out. Not everyday like used to use hahah. Please don't be like me LOL. 
The scent is really addicting. Make you feel rich, sexy and feminine. 
The scent is described as floriental.

Top Notes : Mandarin, Orange, Pink Pepper
Heart Notes : Lilac, Lavender
Base Notes : Patchouli, Musk, Amber. 

I love how it smell on me and my hubby likes it too. ALways complements me when ever I wear it. 
Love the gorgeous, massive gold bottle. It is very eye catching, with G's window showing the perfume liquid. The only downside is that the bottle get fingerprints easy :( Other then that I have no complaints :)
Now I can admit I am Guilty of Loving Gucci. 

You can get them at $59.99 ( 25% coupon = $44.99) for 2.5 fl.oz (75ml)


  1. Faktycznie nie da się nie zwrócić na nie uwagi :)Do mnie dziś przyszły Estee Lauder Sensuous :) A zakochałam się ostatnio w Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gioia oraz w Dolce&Gabbana Dolce :)


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