Makeup Revolution Affirmation Palette ~ Swatches and Review

Hi Loves!

Yes I have another MUR palette to show you! I bet everyone owns it already. If you do, how you like it then ? 
Affirmation palette is gorgeous! I bet you heard me saying it many times. I love Makeup Revolution products. 
This palette contains 32 beautiful and super wearable neutral eyeshadows. We have mix of mattes and shimmers. Some shimmers ook metallic tho! They are so pigmented. Any shimmer shade in MUR palette is the BOMB! 
Like I said the pigmentation is on point. Especially the darkest shades. The light (nudy-beige) need some work, but they are so pretty as well. 
As you can see we have coo and warm tones, rosy pinks, gold, bronzes, purples nudes ets. 
This palette is perfect for day to night time looks. 
Top two rows - daytime , bottom two - night time. 
They are creamy to touch and they do blend really nice!
Love the texture of the shadows, they swatch and perform beautifully. Also the mattes, especially the darker ones. Most matte shades I came across were far off, these are perfection. I just have a problem with lighter shades in the palette. They are really pale and they need time to build up. Used over good primer last all day. 

Palette itself is simple back packaging. Every MUR palette comes in a same package, the box is only different. Inside again you can find a huge mirror!  

Overall I like this palette. You get 32 shades and endless choices of looks you can create. I love MUR palettes! I am such a sucker for shimmer/metallic shades and they have the best ones. I have found myself using more the two top rows the most. Love the colors and well MUR, I will be getting more of your palettes soon!

Available at Ulta,, MUR US and UK websites.  
Price : $15



  1. Czyli u Was cena jest o połowę wyższa ;)

  2. WOW. That looks amazing! I need to try. X

    Love, Maia

  3. I absolutely love Makeup Revolution palettes, this one looks amazing! x
    Louise |

  4. This palette looks amazing. Did you try Carli Bybel's? Right now it's my fav! If you haven't, check out my review and see how it looks like, it's astonishing. <3 XO, Marina! Carli Bybel Palette


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