Hair La Vie ~ ReVitalize and ReStore Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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Hi Loves,

I will in next few days post some hair and skin care products review. Hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts on it :) 
Here is first set of Hair Care I have for  you. Its by Hair La Vie ~ formulated with only natural hair care system that completely rebuilds and protects the heath of your hair form outside in, using combination of 21 natural oils, extracts, vitamins, proteins and amino. They offer hair complete repair that can not be found anywhere else on the market.


* Healthier hair
* Softer feel
* Cleaner Scalp
*  Damage repair 
* Deep hydration 
* Frizz control
* Helps prevent hair loss 
* No parabens and sulfates 

List of oils, extracts and vitamins :

* Argan Oil
* Avocado Oil
* Willow Bark
*Tea Tree Oil
* Cedar wood Oil 
* Lemon Oil
* Vitamin B5
* Keratin 
*Horsetail Extract 
*Jojoba Seed Oil
* Marula Oil 
* Rosemary Oil
* Soy and Wheat Proteins 
* Vitamin D3
* Saw Palmetto 
* Coconut Oil
* Nettle Extract
*Peppermint Oil
* Grapefruit Oil
* Silk Amino Acid
* Vitamin E

I actually really like it. As some of you know, I did mention it every time I review hair care, my hair is really damage due to bleaching and using hot tools. My hair need all the  help they can get. R & R does amazing job. After few uses I saw and felt the difference in my hair. The felts softer, I could see volume and I also notice less hair loss. Well the hair loss didn't stop, its just less. Only when I brush it I can still pull some out, but not as before. In one word both products worked great!  And they bots smells so good and refreshing. The peppermint oil is the main note in a fragrance. So if you are not fan I suggest stay away, it is pretty strong. I love peppermint scent and I love how my hair feels after words so it is totally worth it :) 

 How to apply shampoo and conditioner :
Shampoo ~ Apply to wet hair. Massage directly into the scalp all the way through the tips of your hair. Let it sit for 3 min, to allow deep penetration and full absorption. Rinse thoroughly.
Conditioner ~  apply to wet hair. Massage directly onto tips of the hair , working your way up to the scalp, Let it sit for 5 min,  to allow deep penetration and full absorption. Rinse thoroughly.

I have only one CON ~ conditioner bottle. The plastic is really hard to squeeze out the product. I really have to put out all my strength or call my husband to squeeze it for me. I don't know if all like that or just my bottle was not good. But other then that I have no complains. 

Also both products are great for moisturizing and hydrating scalp because they contain:
* Lemon Oil ~ hydrates scalp and prevents damage
* Marula Oil ~ Moisturize scalp without clogging pores.
* Peppermint Oil ~ Helps to stimulate air circulation in the scalp.

So with that said I really recommend for you to try both products :)
You can find them on Hair La Vie Website.
Price : $49


  1. Rzeczywiście, te kosmetyki mają super skład - bardzo dużo olejków i ekstraktów. Cieszę się, że pomogły Twoim włosom :)

  2. Bardzo podoba mi się skład, sporo naturalnych olejków:)


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