Pixi Beauty ~ what's new in my makeup bag?

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Hi Loves!

I feel behind with Pixi beauty reviews. Monthly I get their makeup bloggers box and well to be honest I haven't reviewed them monthly. I swear I wanted to but the time was just not enough.  
I decided to write a two separate posts one on makeup and one on skin care.
Here are new goodies I got in past months.

Pixi  MatteLustre Lipstick "Raspberry Blush"
Gorgeous bright raspberry red with hot pink undertones. Lipstick is demi matte finish. Wears really comfortably on the lips. This is my third lipstick from the collection :) I actually very like them.
Price: $12
Where to buy: Target, pixibeauty.com

Pixi Lip Contour Liner ~ Invisible Smudge Stopper 
Everyone needs one in their collection. I actually never really cared for clear lip liners. No color so whats the point huh?! But OMG you guys! Clear Lip liner are amazing! Pixi's invisible lip liner is moisturizing and acts like a protective barrier that prevents lipstick bleeding. Since its clear goes on perfectly with any color and any lipstick formula. I love also that is a twist up kinda deal, so no sharpening needed! Woohoo!
Prince: $12
Where to buy: Target, pixibeauty.com

Pixi Book of Beauty ~ Minimal Makeup ~ No- Makeup Makeup 
When I saw this in the box I screamed! This beauty book is amazing! Especially highlighters!
This is such a perfect little palette. It comes in cardboard book style packaging. The size is perfect a bit bigger then my hand. It contains:
* 2 highlights (which I love) champagne and the white one shows more yellowish :) (top row)
* Peachy-Pink Blush (matte) and soft Bronzer ( 2nd row)
* Duo Eye Shadow ( matte and shimmery)
I actually really like this book and I been using it almost everyday. Light, vanilla matte eye shadow could be more pigmented tho. Other then then that I have no complains.
Price: $24
Where to Buy: Target, pixibeauty.com

Pixi Beauty Blush Duo + Kabuki "Peach Honey"
Comes together with small kabuki brush. beautiful duo that creates a natural flush of color to cheeks.
Pixi's natural mineral powder formula reflects light, applies true to color, is hydrating and feels super lightweight.  Both shades in this duo can be wore alone or layered. Kabuki brush applies products effectively and evenly Blush is pretty peachy nude (shimmery) and the highlight is beige golden ( could be a little bit more pigmented and more shimmery).
Price: $18
Where to Buy: Target, pixibeauty.com

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm "Baby Bare"
 Pretty peachy pink :) This balm provides hydration, sheer color and a lip stain. Contains Vitamin E and Shea Butter. This your typical lip crayon. Something like the Clinique Chubby sticks.
Color looks really pretty on. It does have a bit of minty scent. Wears of quite fast, but it leaves lips moisturized. I would suggest to exfoliate lips before applying , it tends to find and sit in the lines. Trust me this doesn't look good :( Over all I like it. This comes in prefect when you don't feel like wearing any lipstick or lip gloss.
Price: $14
Where to Buy: Target, pixibeauty.com

Pixi Lash Line Ink ~ Black Silk
woohoo another great eye liner. Liquid eye liner. This one is super easy to use. 12h stay, water proof formula and non feathering. Love the flexible tip. Goes on smooth and dries fast. Color stays dark through out the day.
Price: $14
Where to buy: Target, pixibeauty.com


  1. Cudowna pigmentacja! Jestem pod wrażeniem :) Obserwuję, buziak :*

  2. Ładna pigmentacja :D Nie słyszałam wcześniej o tym produkcie.
    Mój blog ♥ Serdecznie zapraszam !

  3. Beautiful products!
    Love your blog and I am a new follower!
    I hope that you will follow me too :)

  4. Cienie są cudne, róż też mi się spodobał. Pigmentacja mocno na plus!

  5. Dobra pigmentacja. Podoba mi się

  6. Ja wypatrzyłam szminkę w cudownym kolorze :)

  7. These are all such lovely colors! I have never heard of clear liner, but it sounds perfect for darker lipsticks like red that tend to bleed.

  8. Wszystko mi się podoba hehe:)


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