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Hi Loves!

This post is inspired by few things I got form
I been thinking of it for a quite some time. Getting things ready that is totally different story LOL. 
My lack of time lately delays everything! But finally I can post my Rock Princess Inspired Post and Look :) Sorry I couldn't find the Princess crown anywhere ...ooops! I will do a brief review of each product and the look will be at the end.
So like I said post was inspired by mostly Vera Wang ~ Rock Princess Perfume :) And what goes better with it then Balm Jovi by The Balm? and to finish my look I went for bright fuchsia pink YSL Lipsticks :) Because Princess only likes luxury on her lips :) 

The Balm ~ Balm Jovi Palette 

My love for Jon Bon Jovi is real you guys, if you know me personally you know how much I love this guy! Well my friends know coz they always messaging me pics of him :) and yeah that totally makes my day :) I am not gonna lie I been wanting this palette for god know how long. Jon is the reason why I been Needing this palette! hahah! Bon Jovi palette, that's how I like to call it. My favorite video is "you want to make a memory" OMG Jon is so freaking hot I literally melt...  
What I like about this palette is that is inspired by Rock'N'Roll. Each eyeshadow is names after a rock band :) I love most of the bands :) Metallica, Iron Maiden, Lead Zeppelin, Alice Copper, etc.
This Rockstar Palette is truly amazing! Any rock fan you need to have it, just saying. Also can we talk about the packaging how freaking awesome it is!?! Love the the po bright colors, the guitar with angles wings surrounded by flames, so prefect! Inside you have a heart shaped mirror with wings around it! this is so 90s tho! I remember seeing heart like this everywhere.
Then we have 12 gorgeous eye shadow shades, highlight ( resembles Mary Lou) and a blush :)At the bottom two lip colors Milly ~ Nude and Vanilly ~ Red.
I could talk and talk about this palette... if you don't have it then .
You can find it at along with bunch of more The balm makeup :)
Price: Sold out at the moment

Vera Wang~ Rock Princess

Vera's perfumes are classics! This dark floral-fruity composition is a perfect perfume to go with my Rock Princess Look:)
Fruity opening - white peach, raspberry and bergamot
Floral Heart notes- vintage rose, heliotrope, jasmine and lily
Bese-  Cashmere woods, Iris and coconut
The bottle totally rocks! Black shaped heart with silver sparkles all over it. Its really heavy tho. I am a sucker when it comes to packaging. This is perfect and edgy!! And look the the crown on the top! Perfect fit for a Rock Princess :) Back with diamonds :)
The scent is musky sweet, I been really enjoying it.Smells amazing once it dries down. Very seductive scent :) Big fan!
You can get it form
Price: $21.69 (with 30% off coupon)

YSL ~ Rouge Pur Couture La Fuchsia  #19

I got my form Limited Kiss & Love Edition. the lipstick is housed in a traditional gold YSL packaging with cute little red lip mark on the cap. Super adorable! The outside packaging (box) is covered with Red Kiss Lips :) What I love the most is the Lips stamps on actual lipstick bullet!
La Fuchsia is described as bright magenta with purple undertones! Damn1 what a color! wears comfortably, opaque in one swipe. If you familiar with YSL lipstick you know there is a scent to them. The scent don't bother me much :) And well YSL is my weakens :) have a huge selection of YSL products. Make sure to check it out :)
Kiss and Love edition is sold out, but I will link a regular Pur Couture line below :)
YSL ---> Shop Here.


  1. I need this Vera Wang's perfume in my life :D
    Your makeup looks stunning :)

  2. ja dopiero pznaję tę markę, kupiłam dwa produkty (akurat nie cienie) ale już mi się podoba :)

  3. jesteś śliczną dziewczyną:) piękne usta!

  4. Paleta fajna :) z the balm miałam tylko bronzer bahama mama i byłam zadowolona :) ale kuszą mnie inne produkty :)

  5. Te cienie do powiek są naprawdę śliczne, przypuszczam że nie są dostępne w Pl?

  6. Jejku ta paletka jest idealna :) Ma cudowne kolory :) Różowa pomadka jest cudna i bardzo pasuje do Twojej urody :)

  7. Świetnie wyglądasz, to serduszko mnie zaintrygowało ciekawe jak pachnie ;)

  8. Do twarzy ci w tym kolorze:)


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