ATAL Glacial Clay Gel Mask ~ Review

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Hi Love Bugs!

I love face masks. I love trying them and see what kinda wonders they do to my skin. 
Recently I got this awesome Glacial Gel Clay Mask by the brand ATAL. 
Today is a third time I used it and I feel like I can give you my thoughts on it. 

This mask is great at cleaning common facial issues such as pimples and blackheads. The primary ingredient is superfine colloidal clay collected from the run-off of mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Other ingredients include: aloe vera, green tea, licorice, vitamin B3 and E, marine extract form Pacific Ocean. Natural Skin Care formulation suitable for all skin types.  

Mask comes in a very pretty packaging. Good quality package is always important to me. Inside of the box you can find a "scoop" or "spoon, that helps with the mask application.  Once you open the cover you can see your greenish mask. Formula is a bit runny, kinda Jell-O consistency, so be careful or you might spill it. Hold container straight :)   Now another thing you might notice is smell. It is really strong, but I cant guess what is it?! Might be licorice? but I am not sure. After you apply mask the scent goes away or it's just not that noticeable. 

Glacial Clay Gel Mask :
* Purify and Detoxify ~ super fine particles maximize pore penetration in easy to apply clay gel. Draws moisture to the skin's surface.   
* Treats variety of skin conditions ~ used weekly, mask can produce visible results in improving acne, pimples, blackheads, dry and oily skin.        
* this nourishing gel clay mask contains 30 beneficial  minerals combined with micro nutrients form marine phytoplankton. 
* Contains natural and organic ingredients.

* Moisturize and hydrates skin
* Deep Cleansing
* Tighten pores and makes them less visible
* Brightens complexion and makes skin looks more even
* Leaves skin feeling fresh. 

I really love this stuff! At first once you apply , you might notice a bit of burning. So don''t freak out like me and run to your bathroom to wash it off  LOL! Its supposed to be that way. As longest your skin don't get red you good to go. The burning part is the way the mask works. it opens up your pores to deep clean them. 
Like I mention it before the mask is jelly kinda consistency. Too apply it I used the attached "spoon" I scoop some mask on, transfer to my fingers and applied it all over my face. 
The burning sensation stopped after few minutes. You keep the mask on for about 15-20 min. Once it dries down you can wash it off with warm water. 
Now skin feels amazing! OMG soft, refreshes and clean! I also notice that it reduced the reddens. 
I will continue using it because I really like it! 
Definitely try it out!
You can purchase it form ATAL Website and Amazon.

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