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Real U Australia ~ skin care I been loving and using for a past few weeks.
They are an Australian Brand, Their hypo-allergic formula helps calm down skin. Products are great for all skin types. Gentle on skin and are made without benzol peroxide and salicylic acid.
Real U Australia was kind enough and send me 3 of their products, that I been using in my skin care routine ever since. And I have to mention: I am running low on face gel!OMG!

Lets me tell you a bit about Face Wash. It is a gel formula that foams up once you massage on  face with a water. I used it with my clarisonic and soniclear and it seems to work wonderful. Left my face soft and clean. I also notice less reddens and breakouts while using it. Before washing my face I remove my makeup, but if there is any 'leftover' this face wash helps me with it. I really been loving it . I don't think there is any scent to it, well my didn't have.

After I am done with washing my face I follow up with Face Gel. It gives a great hydration. Gel formula and a little goes a long way. Absorbs really fast and leaves my skin hydrated and ready for Real U Moisturizer ~ which I been loving! It feels like the formula might be heavy and think in consistency  (once you squeeze and then put on your face) but blends really nice onto skin and absorbs quick. It do not feel heavy once it blends to the skin, you actually don't feel it at all.. It contains antioxidants for problem skin.

Overall I been really enjoying real U Skin Care line. My face feels a lot more cleaner and acne a little less visible. I also notice less reddens. I still get pimples once in a while, but as I use it they disappear within days. Some of the stubborn once they like to hang with me w little longer tho.
I really love this brand and the face wash is a must have! and as I said before I am running low on that one :(

To purchase visit Real U Australia WebSite.
And also Thanks Ebony for sending me all the products!

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