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We did talk a lot about skin care lately so now lets jump into body care. 
I found Whish on my IG. I like look at new brands that I not known of and they happen be one of them. I am so happy to have try 3 products out of their line;
* Body Oil
* Shave Cream
* Self Tanner.

Whish Body Oil ~ there is 9 scents to choose form : pomegranate, almond, Lemongrass, lavender, blueberry, coconut, acai grapefruit, perfectly plain and blue agave. I choose pomegranate. I love this oil because it adds extra moisture to my skin. It is a great addition in my shower routine. Leaves my skin moisturized, feeling smooth and super soft.

 It contains 4 moisturizing and soothing oils:
* sesame seed oil ~ antioxidant that also moisturize tissue deep beneath the skin
* sunflower seed oil ~ retains moisturize and keep skin form drying out 
* olive leaf extract ~ high in flavonoids and oleanolic acid, that is natural skin soother
* jojoba seed oil ~ is natural emollient to help keep skin supple and soft and maintain moisture.

I love to apply it right after i shower. And sometimes I use it along with The Righteous Body Butter form soap and glory.  The oil comes in a nice sized glass bottle with a pump. The pump gives you the right amount of oil :) just fyi you have to clean the bottle, I do so after each use. I take a damp cloth and clean the bottle with it. It gets oily some how. I really enjoy massaging it into my skin. feels silky and luxurious. It's non greasy (which is a plus), it sinks into the skin and leaves it glowy looking. 
Like I mention before I choose pomegranate scent and it does smell divine! Summery and super fresh. 
The oil does not have any parabens, is sulfate free, phthalate free, DEA and TEA free, not tested on animals and comes in eco friendly packaging. 

Whish Shave Crave Shave Cream ~ this thick whip provides close, moisturize shave with non drying foam. it is available in same 9 scents as body oil that I mention above. I picked again pomegranate. 

The cream is locked in airless pump. Its is made of :
* Natural Squalene ~ which is source of Omega 3 fatty acids, it replenishes and hydrates to eliminate roughness and dryness. 
* Organic Shea Butter ~ high content of non-saponifiable fats, which are the best natural skin moisturizers and high in antioxidants
* Organic Raspberry Butter ~ high in antioxidants,  great moisturizer.
* organic Green Tea ~ natural antioxidant , protects skin form free radicals 
* Organic Coconut Oil ~ high in antioxidants and coconut acid, provides deep moisture and keeps skin looking healthy, and beautiful. 
* Organic Jojoba Seed oil ~ keep skin supple and soft and maintain moisture. 

I really like the close shave I get with it. It is non foaming and might be a bit harder to work with. I just hate when it gets stuck between razor blades. other then that I been really enjoying it. Leaves my legs smooth and moisturized with out the nasty razor bumps! Ughhh! don't you just hate them ? I know I do and with this baby I don't get hem any more. This shave cream makes my top 3 best shave creams I tried.  Like I said it provides a great moisture and you don;'t need to apply body lotion after. I do. I actually go over it with the body oil :) 
I love ti and next time I want to try Blueberry one , I see a lot of people like that one so yeah why not! The bottle is big and it will last your for some time (depends how much you use it).

Coconut Milk Self Tanner ~  can you believe this is my first time trying self tanner? I usually go for the sun or tanning place to get some tan. I didn't know what to expect and how to use it ! and I know some tanner stain hands so I was afraid this one will do it too.  although the smell is amazing he tanner itself didn't work for me. The formula is nice and not too runny. It as easy to massage into the skin. But that's it. I don;t know if  the weather or what but next day I had ugly orange streaks on my legs that didn't want to wash off... Or maybe I applied it wrong? I really don't know, I did have to cover my legs instead wear dresses :( another thing is i am really pale, and maybe that was another reason tanner didn't look good on me? Advice anyone? I really want it to work .
I tried on my tanned friend and she loved it ...
Tanner can be purchased at Whish website
Price $30

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