Dip Into Pretty ~ Toe Separators

*pr sample*

Are your bored with your, plain nail separators? You want some new and fun ones? 
I like to use toe separators to avoid nail polish smudging. I love how adorable are these toe separators form Dip Into Pretty! They are really comfortable and you can still move around while your nail polish dries off. 

Dip Into Pretty offers a large selection of of toe separators: flowers, gems, ice creams etc.
They are really easy to use. The silicon base is soft and it slides between toes easy and it feel comfortable. They are wide and create a space between toes so the pedi won't smudge. 
They come in a pack of 8. There two big (that goes between big toes) and 6 smaller ones. 

There are perfect and so fun! My daughter loves them as well! They fashionable and super trendy! And they make a pedi time much more fun and enjoyable. 

I have my in 
*Exotic Kiss ( these flowers are so stunning  and reminds me of Hawaii) 
* Tears of Joy ( Tear shaped emerald gem stone)

Definitely go and check them out ---> website and IG page.
Price $12.99 each


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