Sinful Colors ~ Desert Divas - Stoned Crystal Shimmer ~ Swatches

Found new Sinful Colors nail polishes at my Rite Aid. Well not so new but new to me. I don';t understand why we get all the collections so late... Its NYC for crying out loud! Can you believe I didn't see Kandee polishes display!?! And I went to every drugstore I saw in my path and nothing. Oh well, what can I do... :( 

anyways I did find the Desert Divas display,  that Stones Crystal Shimmers are part of ...but with only four colors left :( I did pick them up anyways :) Sinful Colors are the best drugstore polishes! not only they are affordable but also they do last pretty long on my nails. 
Each nail polish have a translucent crystal flakes in. And surprisingly they go on really nice on the nail. What you see in the bottle , well you get that on your nails. 

here are the colors and swatches of shades I got

Just Deserts #2218 ~ light neutral pink.  Formula is a bit sheer, but the color can be build up. Shown on swatches 2 coats. no base or top coat.

Thera-Pewter #2223 ~ shimmery gray with lavender undertones. I really like this color. again formula rather sheer but you can get away with two coats.  Excuse my swatch LOL, nail polish didn't dry properly and I applied another layer and it results in that uneven swatch :( 

Super Cooper #2225 ~  gorgeous shimmery dusty sage green. I adore this color! formula is amazing. Opaque in two coats. 

Namaste The Night #2220 ~ shimmery deep plum. and boy this one is gorgeous! nicely opaque and again two coats and you good to go. 

Clay Me #2221 ~ shimmering copper , burnt terra cotta orange. I am not a biggest orange fan but this one is really pretty! especially with the shimmery flakes :) Shown two coats, but it is surprisingly opaque in one coat.

overall I really love this collection, hope I get lucky and track more polishes :) 
which shade did you like?


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