Lancome L'absolu Rouge Lipsticks and Matte Shakers ~ swatches and review

*pr sample*

I get so excited every time I see Lancome products in Octoly store. 
Lancome is so good to me! Thank you so much for accepting and sending me all your wonderful products for the review.  It means a lot for a small blogger like me. 

This is not my first review of Lancome products on my blog. In the past I reviewed their color correctors (click here) and L'absolu Lipsticks (click here).
Also at some point I will be reviewing the Absolute Powders and Eye Cream :) 

Today I will be reviewing both L'absolu and Matte Shakers lippies. 
This time all my L'absolu Rouge lipstick came in cream finish. aside from matte, cream is my favorite. 
The lipsticks are really opaque and feel hydrating  on the lips. I really adore this formula.  Lipsticks wear pretty long and there is no need to reapply often.  there is about 44 shades in range so for sure you find something for yourself 

Shades I got:

* Beige Mirage ~ very pretty nudy beige with slight peachy undertones. I love this color , It look so pretty on its own and over a lip liner. Definitely one of my go to nudes. 

* Exotic Orchid ~ another my favorite. And I think this will be my most wearable color.  I would describe it as a nude rosy shade with hints of mauve. Kinda your lips but better :)  Out off Lancome lipsticks I won this one is by far my favorite. 

* Impatiente ~ This lippie unfortunately got stabbed with my nail.. ugh  clumsy me. Impatiente is this orangey red that personally I feel that don't look good on me :(...  There is something about the orange undertone that I cant pull it off.. yeah  thats how I feel.  If You ask my hubby and he will tell you that he dont care, I look good in any color :) Gotta love him ! Aside that slight orange undertone I will def will be wearing this beauty. Like I said this formula is really good. 

* Absolute Rouge ~ this creamy bright red with hints of pink in it.  Classic red that every girl needs. Beautiful and very wearable. This color and classic black wing liner and you good to go.  I do love red lips If I could I could be wearing red lipstick every day :) 

L'absolu rouge lipsticks are simply great. I love very comfortable formula and pigmentation. The do have a very nice scent to them . I do like scented makeup products, I dunno I know some people don't :) I mean come on whats not to love. They are luxurious, creamy and long lasting. I am eyeing one shade from this range. I swatched in sephora few weeks ago and fell in love :) Now hubby gotta pull out big bucks and get me that lipsticks.

Matte Shakers, a follow up to their glossy Juicy Shakers. Comes in the same cute cocktail shaker inspired tube.  The unique cushion sponge applicator allows maximum absorption. as for me  it is  really hard  to apply on the lips. Especially with darker colors. It gets messy  all over. I have to use a brush to clean up the edges.  The formula is really lightweight but really pigmented.  For me they do feel more like a lip stain than matte liquid lipstick. It take about 15 min for  the color to dry on the lips, once it does its transfer and kiss proof, plus you don't even feel the lipstick on the lips at all.   Formula contains water and oil so you have to shake to tube ( you will hear beads jumping in it ). The shake allows for the water and oil to mix up first. Do that before applying.  They do feel hydrating on the lips thanks to Vitamin E :)
 a little note: I didn't shacked Magic Orange, you can see how sheer is it on the swatch below.  And than there is another swatch of it once I shook the tube. 

There are 7 colors in the collection . The Shades I got:

* Beige Vintage ~ ummm hello! my new FAVE! I know I have a lot of faves lately. But this color is so pretty. warm dusty rose. Its is so flattering on my lips :) I love colors like that. 

* Energy Peach ~ beautiful classy peach shade. I don't own many peach lipsticks, one of my faves is Just Peachy by wet n wild, and since than I don't really reach for peachy shades often. This one is really pretty and looks beautiful on :)

* Magic Orange ~ when i first swatched it I was disappointed coz it was really sheer... but well I didn't shake the tube  so there was no color, but ... after i did OMG that orange is so bright and fun! I does look a lot brighter in the tube than on the lips. It is bright but not that bright  LOL .. you know what I am saying hahah  ...Wish I could pull off orange lips :( but yeah such a fun summer shade 

Here is a better swatch of Magic Orange. It does look better on the lips tho. :)

The last matte shaker was send to me before , but I thought why not include it in this post :)

.* Kiss Me Cherie ~ beautiful blue based red   and yes i love blue based reds. This one is like a berry kind of red that will look gorgeous on anyone :)

Aside of that big sponge applicator I really like them. If I am not mistaking they retail something around $22 which is not bad at all.

Thanks Lancome and Octoly ! Products were send for my honest review. 


  1. Impatiente to kolor stworzony dla mnie :)

  2. I loved the original juicy shakers and really want to try the matte ones. I've seen swatches of the beige but the peach you have is stealing my eye. Also thank you for having the pictures labeled with the names!

    1. Thank you! I think I have one of Juicy Shakers :) I like when the names are on the pic than under it :)

  3. The way the shakers are bottled are so cute! I love all of your flat lays!! And where did you get your makeup brushes?!!

    1. thank you! the unicorn brushes I got off MBA Cosmetics :)


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