What I found at Marshalls ~ Anastasia Beverly Hills Haul

When you see on IG people posting their finds from Marshalls and TJ Maxx, you know you need to stop by yours. 

So yes a lot of people keep finding ABH products at their Marshalls. I went out last week, and boom I found few great gems!

First off I was lucky to find untouched and in perfect condition Aurora Glow palette for only $24.99! 
My Marshalls had few of them but most were badly damaged. I am not going to show you any swatches of this palette, sorry. I want to concentrate on liquid lipsticks!
Aside of the Aurora Glow kit I grabbed 4 single shadows for $3.99 each. I will make a separate post on it or I will just do a post on my Instagram. 

Now, liquid lipsticks. I grabbed 8 in total. Those were all the shades that my Marshalls had.I actually went twice. In the morning I grabbed 4 and then few hours later I grabbed remaining shades. I couldn't help myself!
The liquid lipsticks were only $6.99 each, such a steal! I see on IG pics that other Marshalls and Tj Maxx's carry more shades and they also have lip glosses priced same. 

It is great that I was able to get Catnip. I been wanting this shade for like ever and now it is finally mine! 

I will be definitely going back and checking for new delivery! I want all that I can get! 
How about you? did you find anything at your Marshalls and TJ Maxx? If you didn't check your Marshalls in a while, then don't just walk, run! 


  1. I'm dying to have one of products of Anastasia, but unfortunetly right now I can not afford it. :C

  2. Ashton ma piękny naturalny odcień :)

  3. Przepiękne odcienie szminek! Na Twoim miejscu też bym kupiła wszystkie dostępne sztuki, w takiej cenie nie można sobie odmówić tej przyjemności :)

  4. Ashton is the one I will be looking for :D And the price is not bad at all .

  5. ABH is a great makeup brand! They might be have a little pricey products but their quality are quite nice. I love them! :) xoxo

  6. You were so lucky to find that highlighter palette in perfect condition, and with that discount as well!
    Hope you get on with it well ^^
    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog  

  7. Oh wow! You found some real bargains there!



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