New! Urban Decay Cosmetics ~ Naked Cherry and Elements Palettes ~ Sneak Peek

I don't often post sneak peeks but I could not help myself!
Imagine your day, sitting at work, busy like hell, thinking ... let me check my IG and see how my pictures doing. You open your Instagram and the fist thing you see is the new  Urban Decay Elements palette! <3 I had hearts in my eyes! I had to show my coworker coz he asked my why I was holding my breath LOL! It is stunning and well it will be mine! 
I quickly reposted and went back to work. 
Now I have a bit of time to really see the palette and the colors. I love it! I just hope the colors are pigmented and blend-able. I really can't wait for it to hit the shelves coz I need to swatch it! 
Take a look 

Like an hour later, Trendmood posted a new Naked palette by UD ~ Naked Cherry! We all heard the sad news that very first Naked palette is being discontinue... Thank God, Ulta beauty had it in stock and I was able to order it. NOw back to Cherry palette :) loving the packaging and the cherries! How adorable! And the shades in the palette look really pretty and kinda remind me of AHB Modern Renaissance palette. Btw I today I bought NORVINA palette and can't wait to play with it. 
Cherry palette is the reason that I NEED to ask my boss for a rise. Dude! all the new Holiday makeup will dry my bank account! for sure!
I also saw a pic of Cherry makeup spray, so I am  guessing there will be a full cherry collection :)

What are your thoughts on both palettes?
will you pass? will you buy?

* Pictures are from taken from Allure, Trendmood and UkMakeupNews  


  1. O kurcze pierwsze słyszę na temat tej palety Elements ale ma interesującą kolorystykę, ta druga niestety nie moje klimaty:* Wydaję się, że maty w tej pierwszej są tak dobrane żeby można było skomponować dużo róznych makijaży także super!

    1. Wlasnie ta pierwsza bardzej mnie sie podoba :) Ale znajac mnie i zycie kupie obie hahah :)

  2. Obie paletki mają super kolory! :) Pozdrawiam! :)

  3. Nie wiem jakim cudem przegapiłam informację o nowej wiśniowej odsłonie Naked. Muszę przyznać, że wygląda bardzo apetycznie, ale ja się raczej na nią nie zdecyduję. To nie do końca moja bajka :)

  4. They are both such beautiful palettes! I hope you're able to get them, although I do have to say the first is my favourite! :)

    I hope that you are having a great week so far! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. Kochana gdzie się podziewasz?:(:* Czekam na nowe posty:D


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